German bank for sale

German bank for sale

Full banking license (German bank for sale) means the ability to open separate branches in any country in the world. If such a desire arises, then the head office will deal with the opening of a foreign company. There is only one mandatory requirement for the new owner – to continue the previous business.

Purchase bank in Germany!

The banking institution located in the southwestern part of Germany for sale. The new owner will be provided with all financial statements for 2018. The bank has total assets of about 27 million euros and has an official confirmation of its activities. The own active capital of a banking institution, including reserves, is equal to 2.46 million euros, of which 1.33 is its own funds, and 1.13 is the amount allocated for the formation of a fund to cover banking risks in the event of any.

Over the past several annual periods, the overall annual rates have only represented positive indicators. There are no branches. The building in which the bank is located is also owned. The management structure of the institution includes two representatives of the board and a staff of three employees who work on a part-time basis. The banking cooperative has 684 members with a total of 2,522 shares.

The total profit from owning a certain number of shares is in the order of 100 thousand euros for an annual period.

The main direction of commercial activity of this banking institution is the whole range of banking services. There are lending services. The company serves clients throughout the region, many of whom are permanent clients, which minimizes the occurrence of credit risks.

The banking institution will be sold only if the current banking operations are preserved.

All other detailed documents will be available for study during due diligence.

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