Financial license in Kazakhstan

In accordance to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About payments and payment systems», a payment company with assigned by National Bank registration number of the accounting registration of the payment company (hereinafter referred to as the registration number) can provide next types of services:

  • services of accepting cash to arrange a money transaction without opening a bank account of the remitter;
  • services of selling (distribution) electronic money and money cards;
  • services of receiving and processing payments conducted using electronic money.
  • services of processing payments, initiated by clients in electronic form and transferring required information to the bank or company that provides by certain types of banking operations, to conduct the payment and (or) money transfer or accepting money for these payments.


100% foreign ownership is possible.

No paid-in capital is needed to capitalize on the company.

Our services:

Stage 1: Registration of the company, Business Plan preparation, application submitting.

Stage 2: Initiation of licensing application process with the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Stage 3: Obtaining the license, documents delivery (corporate, licensing, banking).

Price: on a request.

The timeframe: circa 30-40 days.

Sberbank acquiring connection service may be provided for an additional cost.

Payment schedule:

30% deposit payment and name of company is needed to initiate the licensing procedure. Upon completion, remaining 70% shall be transferred.

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