Estonian bank for sale

Estonian bank for sale

We are happy to present you Estonian bank for sale. 

This banking institution was established too many years ago. Today this bank in Estonia for sale has the status of a commercial bank with a name known internationally. The bank has 2 offices, one of which is headquartered in Tallinn.

From the moment the bank was established, the institution has made its main focus on cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises, and with individuals. The bank’s activities are the provision of basic banking and financial services, in particular, transactions involving precious metals.

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Since the 2000s, the bank acts as a full member of the international payment corporation Mastercard International, which provides the bank with the opportunity to issue various types of credit and debit cards to its consumers.

Recently, the bank in Estonia for sale has been acting as a direct member of the SCT. This kind of membership gives the bank the right to carry out payment transactions without the involvement of intermediaries, which, in turn, allows customers to send and receive euro payments in the shortest possible time.

In recent years, the bank has been concentrating on providing comprehensive and lending services related to the turnover of goods between Estonian organizations and foreign representatives from the European Union. In addition, the bank actively supports leasing and lending to enterprises specializing in the agricultural industry, and helps in financing industrial enterprises, construction projects and trade.

The bank’s clients can place fixed-term investments of one type or another, made either in euros or in some of the other foreign currencies. The company offers attractive rates in terms of interest rates and customer service fees, categorized into specific categories. As the institution uses personal banking services, each client receives a more personalized attention.

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