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CySEC investment firm for sale

March 23, 2023

The following is a brief description of a CySEC investment firm for sale.

CySEC investment firm for sale: overview

Business decreases its regulatory capital to 75,000 EUR because it does not hold clients’ money (rather, through the additional service of safekeeping clients’ money).

With 8 clients and $5 million in funds under management, this CySEC-registered investment company for sale offers discretionary portfolio management without retaining client funds.

It is eligible to provide the following services throughout all EU member states:

  • reception of a purchase or sale order from the client and the immediate transmission of the instructions to the counterparty for execution;
  • Provision of investment advice service;
  • overseeing a set of investments, including securities, bonds, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, etc., to help investors achieve their long-term financial goals and manage their liquidity needs and risk tolerance.


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