Bank in Lithuania for sale

Bank in Lithuania for sale

For your attention there is a bank in Lithuania for sale. 

Lithuanian bank for sale:

  1. Possibility of passporting throughout Europe.
  2. Full license clearance for a retail banking institution.
  3. Today, a banking institution is an ordinary bank, which is mainly focused on serving local customers through the services of a physical bank. This banking institution has an excellent reputation locally. The bank’s profit is increasing every year. Over the year, the deposit increased by 15%.
  4. Good recommendations from grateful clients. No legacy problems, high profitability.
  5. The bank has not yet implemented E-KYC, as this institution is a local bank focused only on serving local customers. However, E-KYC is allowed in Lithuania.
  6. Staff: 250+.
  7. Bank branches: 35+.

Financial data of profitable bank for sale:

  • Initial equity capital: EUR 25 million.
  • The total assets of the institution are 250+ million euros.
  • The bank in Lithuania works with credit card acquiring.
  • The banking institution does not yet provide debit and credit card issuance services; however, this can be easily implemented.

Working strategy

We provide additional information only to those potential buyers who provide us with the following:

  1. Full profile of a potential buyer.
  2. Project for the development of a banking institution. We need to check if the project meets the standards and requirements of the regulatory authorities.
  3. Official confirmation of the availability of funds, which can be verified. Such confirmation is provided in the event that it cannot be confirmed by other means that the customer has sufficient funds to purchase.

Acquisition process of Lithuanian bank

The process of buying an operating banking institution can last 8-14 months; in particular, this period includes preliminary negotiations, verification, negotiations regarding the sale and purchase, closing the transaction and further settlement.

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