Stages of developing a payment system

A payment system is a set of technical procedures through which users of this system can make transactions to transfer funds between legal entities or individuals. The main function of any of these systems is the circulation and transfer of monetary resources. Having your own payment system will allow you to create the most comfortable financial environment for your clients. Next, we will consider the main stages of developing a payment system and the features of its implementation.

The main stages of developing a payment system

The creation of a payment system consists of several main stages, at each of which we are closely interconnected with the customer to ensure the full implementation of his/her idea and provide an opportunity to control the process.

  1. The customer tells us about his/her business and its features, about the specific purposes for which the future payment system will be designed and what requirements it must meet.
  2. Drawing up a technical assignment, which involves the receipt and structuring by our specialists of all the initial data and wishes of the customer.
  3. Development of the payment system and its testing. Interaction with the customer.
  4. Demonstration of the finished product, its implementation in the customer’s business, an explanation of the intricacies of working with the new payment system.

Further configuration and connection of the payment system is a process that requires attention from a specialist, especially if we are talking about the security of such a connection. Attention is paid to the issue of payment security even during development. In electronic payment systems, the protection of the information used must be ensured by using the PCI DSS encryption certificate and the 3D-Secure protocol. That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to what protection technologies are used in the new payment system.

Developing a payment system, the developers carefully work on every detail. By contacting our professionals, you get a user-friendly product that will be developed individually for you and that meets your personal requirements, taking into account specific business tasks. Many years of experience of our specialists allows us to create a really high-quality payment system, easy to manage and efficiently functioning.

Elaboration of all functions at the stages of developing payment systems

The creation and implementation of your own PS provides your customers with direct and quick access to certain financial transactions through a tablet, smartphone or any other gadget.

The fact that mobile payment systems are gaining more and more popularity is due to their versatility, in particular the following options:

  • online shopping;
  • quick and easy access to personal funds while maintaining a high level of data and transaction security;
  • the ability to instantly pay for regular payments – utilities, cellular communications and others;
  • automatic calculation of funds.

Through the application, the user can at any time access the account to carry out money transactions, carry out various types of operations with money cards, which allows your client to control his/her financial savings and any cash receipts fully. With the help of a clear interface, the user will be able to automate regular payments as much as possible.

Features of payment systems and conditions of transactions

Payment systems are verified structures, when working with which clear rules and strict requirements are observed, in particular the following:

  • ensuring confidentiality. The personal data of the account holder, etc., remains private information. Only the bank has access to such information;
  • All data during the transaction remains unchanged;
  • Persons who take part in the transaction can only use actually confirmed reliable data;
  • guarantee of risks for all participants in the payment chain.

All stages of creating a payment system are carefully controlled by our specialists, which allows us to develop a unique high-quality product to meet your needs. Our specialists ensure not only the quality of development, but also the timely delivery of the project. If necessary, we will provide you with all kinds of support for the smoothest implementation of the new payment system in your business.

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