Eternity Law International News New steps in the development of the EBSI

New steps in the development of the EBSI

September 11, 2022

Recently, a series of new steps in the development of the EBSI was implemented by the EBP.

EBSI is a joint initiative of EBP, consisting of 29 states and Commission which represents a system of blοckchain nodes across the EU, being in full respect of European values and regulation. The right to take part for service providers on the EBSI platform is rather conditional upon admission by the EBP.

Announcement of calls for proposals

In February, 2022, the EU Commission announced the 2nd part of calls for proposals under the Digital Europe Program. This refers to obtaining advancement to the EBSI for both the placement of its nodes and their activity. Also, the primary goal is to strengthen EU investments in blockchain strategy realization and to fortify the connection of those operations with the EBSI.

ERBSI updated web presence and new visual identity

Recently, information on the EBSI initiatives has been reconsidered with the purpose to make its visibility better and encourage the future attraction of users and investors to the EBSI and its usage. All interested parties have got invitations to receive notifications on the EBSI, the lighthouse customer, and other actions or updates that will be presented through the updated web platform.

Adoption of a decision to authorize EBSI software as an open source

The EU Commission has already adopted an official decision to open public availability to software for linking to the EBSI. This largely contributes to the development of the EBSI, paving the way to enhance innovations as EBSI status changes from the pre-production phase into production.

The resolution to grant EBSI software accessibility for licensing under the EU License and Commission is an excellent instance of how the Europe is not only leveraging, but undertaking appropriate measures to the open source community thereby boosting the ecosystem around EBSI and attracting new market participants. The prospective users of EBSI software are include the following:

  • public departments and agencies,
  • its service providers, and
  • private undertakings.

Basically, these steps towards the development of the EBSI are highly essential for the blοckchain domain due to growing the system and making it more secure, transparent, and accessible.

If you have any questions regarding EBSI, contact us. Our experts have a huge experience.

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