Eternity Law International News Licenses for e-business in Lithuania, Estonia and the Cayman Islands

Licenses for e-business in Lithuania, Estonia and the Cayman Islands

September 27, 2022

The foreign business connected with forex and crypto is growing so quickly due to its confidentiality and independence. Authorities understand the immense prospect of digital commerce and more nations are working to develop legislation for controlling licensing for forex business and cryptocurrency.

Forex Incorporation

Various nations may grant licenses to new clients, but each one has its restrictions and dangers. For example, we often advise our customers to steer clear of Europe owing to its onerous tax laws. Nonetheless, there are certain advantages to conducting business in Europe, such as access to the marketplace of the European Union. Particular nations such as Estonia, Lithuania and the Cayman Islands in the crypto and forex sector are a lot of special monetary institutions.


Estonia is one of the greatest locations to start a virtual currency or FX trading business since it is an EU member, has favourable taxation rates, and has a highly advantageous business climate. As part of its efforts to modernize the economy sector, the Estonian authority started fostering the blossoming of fintech businesses.

As required by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority, you must create a joint-stock company, a representative office, or a branch to conduct FX business activity.

Sufficient permitted funds must be present to receive a license:

  • €50,000 for operations involving securities, including those carried out on behalf of or at the expense of clients
  • €125,000 for management of the portfolio for securities and emissions
  • €730,000 for underwriting, storage, securities administration, and trading.

You may manage all essential crypto activities if you have the license from an entity that offers services related to virtual currency. You don’t have to submit numerous permission applications for various uses, you will spend less time and effort. It takes about a month to get a permit which includes all crucial processes.

Basic prerequisites

  • an AML officer and an executive with a local presence;
  • the required assets are €12,000;
  • a bank account in the EU.

The operation itself will cost €4,900 or more. In addition, it is crucial to be educated, experienced and have a good position. A corporate plan, AML policy, judicial record extracts, your CV, an excerpt and the corporation’s charter are some necessary papers to have on hand throughout this procedure.


Lithuania, where the government has provided formal permission to operate e-commerce, is one of the few EU countries where it is now allowed to make legal transfers using cryptocurrencies and e-money. In this regard, Lithuania offers two different categories of licenses to users of virtual currency:

  • A permit for using cryptocurrency. A business with such a permit is allowed to exchange digital currencies for capital and other digital currencies.
  • A permit for custody services and an electronic wallet.

Basic prerequisites

During the process of getting permission, the controller has the power to demand further information and a report on the operations of the crypto firm. A permit may only be issued after gathering all necessary data and satisfying all requirements. Requests for cryptocurrency permits are evaluated and overseen by the FCIS before being approved by the register of companies. An LLC must be launched to be eligible to apply for a crypto license. The minimum capital for the establishment is 2,500 euros.

Additionally, it’s essential to have a sterling reputation, the required training, and enough job experience to efficiently perform the duties after receiving a Forex License.

the Cayman Islands

For many years, a self-governing British Overseas Territory is a very innovative and open-for-business location.

There is a special law that regulates electronic assets. It creates the system for the operation of e-currency enterprises in the islands and provides for the enrollment and permitting of entrepreneurs proposing virtual currency services.

If you are seeking a Forex License for sale, we can consult you and help with an operating license. It can be conducted even remotely with your permission.

Please contact us to get more information.

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