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If you are engaged in generating cool ideas for creating promising projects – this is half the work in the field of promotion and sales of the finished product, for example ICO. There are a lot of different projects: from the field of IT technologies to hand-made works.

In order to embody the idea into reality, it is necessary to find the sphere of infusion of money. The use of consumer loans, cooperation with individuals or intermediary companies is not always the right and reliable choice.

You risk getting a rabid loan interest or not favorable loan terms. The point of your start is the modern ICO system. This reliable assistant to beginning businessmen is guaranteed to help attract investors to the project.


The principle of ICO is based on several stages:

  1. Formulation of the main version of the idea. Assist in the collection of reliable information on products and activities, the search for profitability ideas when entering the ICO site.
  2. Preparation of a team of professionals. The team can include your specialists and partners. A simple test will determine the goals and objectives of all members of the group, if necessary, formalize the staff.

Our company Eternity Law International can help you in finding professional employees.

  1. Compiling a list of competitors. In order to enter the sales market and sell finished products on a large trading platform, it is necessary to study in detail the proposals of competitors.

This approach will help to make a conclusion about pricing and implementation methods.

  1. State registration of the enterprise. The user of the ICO site services will receive a mandatory offer to officially register the firm under the laws of the country in which the business will be built.

The company offers services of the audit service, which easily solves all issues.

  1. Presentation of the project. An important stage in the promotion of the brand is the MVP service, which will present to the attention of potential customers all the advantages of the idea and product.

For the information technology sphere, such a service can be a new mobile application or developed software. The company will be able to quickly and accurately design a website.

  1. Preparation of video presentations. To help develop sales, media materials, slides, articles, banners, advertising brochures are being prepared. ICO uses classical methods of promoting products.
  2. Terms of investment firms. An investor is a person who allocates a material resource and is interested in prompt profit, therefore it is important to accept all the conditions offered by the investor.
  3. Promotion in social networks. The greater the participation in the social networking program, the more promising the project. Monitoring will help you track messages in statuses, create a list of potential customers.
  4. Advertising campaign ideas. The social network also carries out advertising promotion, which takes part in the promotion of the project.
  1. Launching the ICO. The last point of promotion is launch. Its main goal is to quickly sell tokens from the first hours of the project.

Eternity Law International develops versions of burning projects professionally, quickly, with the fulfillment of all the work items. Contact now, order a service, make your company more successful.

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