Execution of decisions of international courts

Commercial arbitration at the international level is the implementation of litigation for legal entities in different jurisdictions, where the resolution of disputes on commercial transactions between parties from different countries is considered. After the courts have rendered decisions, it is necessary to control the execution of international courts.

Accompanying the execution of decisions of such courts requires supervision by a specialist. Eternity Law International will provide support in the issue of monitoring the execution of courts and arbitration in the field of international business.

International legal services

Eternity Law International is an international company that has been operating for a long time in the legal services market within the European Union and CIS countries. For a long time, the company has established itself as a reliable partner and stable legal organization.

Only qualified attorneys and lawyers with a narrow focus in various fields work here. Eternity Law International has extensive experience in the field of international law, which makes it possible to ensure the effectiveness of its functioning.

Lawyer services in international affairs

The range of services provided by the presented specialist is quite extensive. A lawyer will help you perform a number of actions that will maximize the benefits and results. Among them:

  • advice and assistance in resolving cases of international commercial arbitration;
  • assistance in conducting international civil process;
  • assistance in conducting the international business process;
  • execution of decisions;
  • translation of legal documents;
  • the possibility of a specialist traveling abroad;
  • establishment, organization, retraining of direction and liquidation of companies of many jurisdictions.

You can contact the specialists at any convenient time directly in the host country, where the branches of Eternity Law International are located.

Assistance is provided on equal terms to individuals and legal entities, regardless of the direction. The lawyer also organizes the process of preparing and submitting a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights.

The interests of the injured party are represented in accordance with all the established rules of international law.

Enforcement proceedings

For a long time, Eternity Law International has been engaged not only in conducting litigation and commercial arbitrations, but also providing assistance in monitoring compliance with the terms of decisions of international courts.

A specialist will help to achieve recognition, and also fully control the actuation at the legal level. Control over the enactment of the decision of the international court on commercial issues and others.

Consultation from international lawyers

Our company provides full advice on all issues related to international law and litigation. The consultation is carried out by a narrow specialist on specific issues.

The development of international cooperation is impossible without a legal basis, so the work of our specialists will contribute to this process.

Questions concerning the expansion of relations at the interstate level are accompanied by the observance of legal norms. In this case, you should study all the issues in this area, the consultation will be an excellent opportunity to understand all the details.

Eternity Law International services include clarifications on issues of interaction with state and non-state organizations. At the same time, assistance is provided in the conclusion of international agreements that will help to avoid many troubles in the field of commercial activity.

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