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International Civil Procedure Advocate

January 27, 2020

International civil law litigation must be accompanied by professional assistance provided by an international civil litigation lawyer working for a company with many years of experience and a positive reputation, Eternity Law International.

Lawsuits involving residents of a country who are in civil or legal relations with foreign persons must be accompanied by legal support.

International advocates from the company have a rich baggage of professional knowledge, have many years of experience in positively resolving issues of any complexity. They are ready to represent the interests of the client in commercial arbitration, civil proceedings and any other controversial issues.

International advocates have exceptional knowledge of the legislation of the country in which the client’s interests are to be defended. Thanks to the experience in this area, the range of services provided by the company is quite extensive.

When starting a defense, each specialist has specific goals. There are not many of them, but they are all convincing enough. It:

  • only a positive result at the legislative level;
  • carrying out all the necessary examinations;
  • collection of an extensive evidence base;
  • awareness of the state and position of the customer.

In order for the case to be won, each client must listen to the recommendations and do as the professional recommends. This is a common work for positive performance. You trust your problem and the advocate looks for the best ways to solve it.

Legal assistance and consultations

The joint work of an advocate and a client begins precisely with a confidential conversation and providing advice after it. The customer should not hide important facts from the specialist so that he can build an optimal scheme of protection in international courts.

Each consultation is provided both verbally and in writing. Already at the initial stage, the lawyer makes it clear that he is pursuing your goals, and all his actions will be built only for a positive solution to even the most difficult controversial issue.

It is almost impossible to cope with this on your own without having enough knowledge of international law. The civil legislation of different countries has significant differences from the legislation of other countries. Without experience and knowledge, you can just play the process.

Entrusting fate to the hands of Eternity Law International specialists, everyone can be sure that legal support will be provided until the full completion of the case. And practice shows that our specialists complete most cases with a positive result.

Our specialists provide services in the management of such international affairs:

  • civil processes;
  • commercial arbitration;
  • doing business abroad;
  • a translator traveling abroad;
  • reorganization, liquidation or creation of offshore companies.

The company’s professionals provide services to legal entities and individuals. Assistance begins from the moment of creating and filing a claim in European, international courts or providing the interests of the customer in the same courts with strict observance of the legislative norms of a particular country.

Positive resolution of civil, criminal, military disputes

The assistance of an international lawyer is important in resolving any controversial issue abroad. Even in the former Soviet republics, legal norms have significant differences. They may simply not be known to a person who finds himself in a difficult situation.

Needless to say, how much difference is the legislative international base of other European countries, not to mention more distant states.

International civil law

Many civil legal frameworks in different states have common norms and principles aimed at protecting human rights and interests. This is regulated in all kinds of conventions, resolutions, declarations.

And they all act on the same principle – the protection of human rights. Any violations of the established norms are prosecuted by international law.

How to apply for citizenship, how to pick up a child after a divorce from a foreign person, how to obtain citizenship, or even how to file a claim in the Hague Tribunal. But this is not all that is within the competence of specialists. They provide assistance in the following matters:

  • conclusion of contracts between citizens of different states;
  • preparation and legal support of transactions or investment projects;
  • preparation of contracts;
  • protection of interests in the ICAC;
  • purchase or sale of real estate abroad;
  • registration of legal entities in offshore zones.

All this is within the power of the advocates of Eternity Law International, who have a wealth of experience and a large store of knowledge of positive resolution of numerous international disputes. Contact us now!

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