Gaming Licensing in Malta

Gaming Licensing in Malta

Having a gaming license in Malta is belonging to gold standards of this industry, which is known worldwide. Malta, as a world-famous space for registering a gaming organization, opens up many opportunities for holders of this permission. Among other things, an entrepreneur who has certified a gambling company within this state will find it easier to open bank accounts, get into cooperation with global partners and conclude transactions with third parties. However, all of the above benefits regarding gaming licensing in Malta are not so easy to obtain.

Applying for an appropriate permit is quite lengthy, complicated and expensive. Particularly, businessperson needs to collect a lot of documentation and even meet with the regulator in person. If you own a large gaming business and want to occupy a profitable niche within EU space, then Maltese gaming license is perfect variant for you.

Pros of Gaming Licensing in Malta

Owning gambling license in Malta has several positive sides. Getting such permit is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Here are a few positive points that should be noted separately among others.

  1. Prestige. Malta – one of most authoritative states in world community. The presence of such a permit for an entrepreneur indicates that the company operates in accordance with norms of fair, honest and clear performance of operations adopted in Europe.
  2. Since gaming is an integral part of the local market, the local workforce is qualified in this direction and familiar with all the nuances of this environment.
  3. High level of players’ trust. Passing a Maltese gambling licensing is guarantee of people’s confidence – they can be sure that your casino is safe and not associated with any dishonest operations.
  4. Benefits in terms of taxation. The tax rate in Malta is 35%. However, entrepreneurs who receive a permit for gaming activities here can count on a rate of 5%.
  5. Stability of domestic market. Malta has been EU and British Commonwealth member for 18 years. This is a guarantee of steadiness of social field of jurisdiction. Malta’s economy has consistently been stable and strong. Based on the introduction of the latest technological developments and innovations, the country was able to demonstrate its strength and willingness to promote entrepreneurs.
  6. Malta is one of the parties to an agreement concluded to avoid double taxation.
  7. Open access to many markets. Gaming companies licensed in Malta have official rights to proffer their services in many countries. The exception is states included in black list.

Basic Demands

Obtaining gaming license in Malta – complicated process compared to other states. This is due to the fact that this permit has a fairly high prestige status, and the holder of such a permission must correspond to this status. While Supervisory Authority may demand additional data on a case-by-case basis, there are a few general points must be met.

Over the past four years, gambling licensing in Malta has become much easier. Now gambling business owners do not need to obtain additional permission for each new service as they expand their commercial portfolio. In addition, the term of the license has also become longer – ten years instead of five.

So, let’s look at the list of basic requirements applicable to each applicant intending to get gambling licenses.

  1. Business executives, shareholders and other significant individuals must provide officially certified evidence of a lack of criminal record and proper citizenship.
  2. The above persons are also required to pass an aptitude test.
  3. The package of documents of the company must contain the original banking statements of the owners, their passports with notarization, etc.
  4. Commercial activities plan.
  5. Recorded independent audit.
  6. Confirmation of presence of all game and operational servers within the jurisdiction.

Each commercial project has its own needs and vision for future activities. If you want to start your own business as soon as possible, at the same time, having competently approached the issue of licensing, we recommend that you contact specialists. Cost of gaming license in Malta is calculated according to your budget and activity scale.

Experienced lawyers are ready to offer you many options for ready-made businesses, as well as comprehensive assistance in obtaining the appropriate licensing permit. Try yourself in the gaming business – feel free to contact us any way convenient for you.

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