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Establishing Business in Slovakia

September 15, 2022

Slovakia has status of convenient and easiest EU jurisdiction to start and run commercial activities. Starting a business in Slovakia has become of interest to entrepreneurs relatively recently, and reason for this was the simplification of procedure for getting residence permission and visa.

It’s a great platform to start your own organization. At the moment, Slovakia is a good tool for getting the opportunity to immigrate to the EU. This is facilitated by friendly relations towards foreign entrepreneurs, which helps in getting a visa and residency permission. It favorably distinguishes Slovakia from others.

Privileges of companies in Slovakia

  1. Reputable jurisdiction with a good reputation.
  2. Official approval and access to EU space.
  3. Expanding the limits of business connections and commercial activity.
  4. High level of data confidential keeping and 100% data security.

It is also worth noting some of the shortcomings of Slovakia in order to be able to fairly and comprehensively evaluate this jurisdiction:

  • all income must be disclosed in the annual accounts;
  • bearer shares are prohibited;
  • the firm must compulsorily prepare and submit financial reports and conduct independent annual audit;
  • the presence of many fees and taxes.

In Slovakia, you can choose one of next-mentioned legal categories for organization establishment:

  • Spoločnosť S Ručenim Obmezenym – s.r.o. – a closed firm with limited type liability;
  • partnerships with unlimited and limited liability.

If businesspersons buy business in Slovakia, they get stable structure. If we talk about paying taxes, then in this state next-indicated rules are established regarding this aspect:

  • for all firms, the same regime applies – 19% of profits received. Incomes’ sources – local or foreign – doesn’t matter;
  • branches established for foreign firms are subject to taxation in Slovakia, however, it is important to note that this applies to income received from local operations;
  • dividends and royalties – 15 and 25% respectively;
  • interest – 25.

Company in Slovakia may possess active accounts in any other state. In this country, banking institutions of Liechtenstein and Austria are most loyal, however, the entrepreneur is absolutely free in his choice. For the accumulation and preservation of funds, Austria will be an excellent solution. But the Baltic banks are optimally suited for private trading operations.

If you intend to start a business in this state, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists. We will select company in Slovakia for sale with a license, taking into account your wishes, capital and commercial plans. With our specialists, the path to the realization of your dreams will be simple and fast – we’ve many years of experience in acquiring and selling firms in many jurisdictions.

Please contact us to get more information.

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