DSP Program in Vanuatu

Main provisions

  • Visa-free regime with more than 140 states, incl. Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the whole EU territory.
  • Lack of any tax charges.
  • Speed ​​of the process. The Economic Citizenship Program can be got in a month.
  • High level of confidentiality. The personal data of new citizens are kept secret. Later, it is permitted to change the name.

Steps of getting a second passport – 30 days

  1. Visit to lawyers (1-4). You need to sign a letter of commitment and make your first payment. You will then meet with a lawyer who will certify all copies.
  2. Obtaining formal pre-approval (5-8). The lawyer submits the documents to authorized bodies of Vanuatu and receives a document with preliminary agreement.
  3. Confirmation (2-28). Receiving part of the payment. Full portfolio of required papers must be sent to the Vanuatu Citizenship Office.
  4. Obtaining a passport (27-30). You will get a certificate of citizenship and a new passport.

Complete packages

  • One person – 139 thous. dol.
  • Married couple – 165 thousand dol.
  • One-child family – 180 thousand dollars.
  • Family with two children – 195 thousand dollars.

All inclusive, no hidden costs. This is the minimum price based on the amount of government fees.

Additionally, a price may be added for children (under 25) or parents (50+). Passport delivery outside Vanuatu is charged separately.

For details: Julia.z@eternitylaw.com / Telegram @juliazhil

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