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Cryptolicense in Costa Rica

August 30, 2023

For various compelling reasons, Costa Rica has earned a reputation as a “crypto oasis” because the subject can conduct its company without a Costa Rica crypto license. A persuasive case can be made that these digital assets fall under the category of “generally acknowledged resources” in Costa Rica. However, there remain complexities for employers opting for digital compensation. For instance, they’re mandated to contribute to social security based on the digital asset’s value at the moment of payment. This calculation becomes intricate due to the inherent volatility of digital asset prices. 

Costa Rica and Cryptocurrency

Another notable feature contributing to Costa Rica’s identity as a “crypto oasis” is its perfect conditions for cryptocurrency company establishment in Costa Rica.

However, hurdles emerge due to certain financial entities, like banks and escrow firms, that refrain from acknowledging earnings generated from digital assets as legitimate income. Despite this caution, a strong demand persists among businesses to involve digital assets into their payment methods.

There are no specific regulations for exchange license in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was known for having a relatively lenient relation to crypto, with a lack of comprehensive laws governing their use and trading. This was one of the reasons that made Costa Rica is referred to as a “crypto haven.”

But, the absence of specific rules doesn’t mean that crypto exchanges were completely unregulated. 

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Categorization Considerations

In summary, Costa Rica’s method of accommodating digital currency within its legal framework is marked by a degree of caution. The local authorities have refrained from categorizing digital money as official monetary assets. Specifically, the authorities have clarified that digital coins don’t fit the definitions of “official tender,” “monetary assets,” or “foreign currency.” But there are no direct prohibitions to maintain and develop cryptocurrency company in Costa Rica.

This approach by the authorities hints at a strategy of non-interference, allowing the technology to evolve organically. The Central Bank’s assertion is that major digital coins aren’t considered official tender within the country. The authority to establish official monetary assets rests solely with the Central Bank with the local currency remaining the designated medium of exchange. This absence of formal classification leaves digital coins without the label of official monetary assets.

How to open a cryptocurrency company in Costa Rica step by step:

  1. Research and Planning: Conduct thorough research to understand the legal, financial, and operational aspects of starting a crypto business. 
  2. Legal Consultation: Seek legal advice from experts familiar with Costa Rican business laws and regulations. 
  3. Register Your Business: Register your company with the Costa Rican authorities.
  4. Financial Considerations: Open a bank account to handle your company’s financial transactions.
  5. Technology and Security: Implement robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard customer data and digital assets.
  6. Launch and Monitor: Launch your company’s services and closely monitor its operations.

Insights into Digital Coin Legalities

Lastly, addressing the broader landscape of legal considerations for digital money, the majority of jurisdictions and regulatory bodies have yet to establish comprehensive laws governing these assets. This leads to uncertainty surrounding the legality of activities related to digital coins.

Is crypto legal in Costa Rica?

Yes, it is legal. Crypto remains not prohibited in Costa Rica. but, they are not officially recognized as a legal payment method or regulated by specific laws.

Is Costa Rica crypto tax free?

Yes, it is. Costa Rica does not impose specific taxes on crypto. However, you should be aware that this can change.

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