Company registration in the world

Company registration in all countries in the world

Among the various organizations whose list of services includes the registration of companies, Eternity Law International deserves special attention. We are ready to provide you with the following service options:

  • providing quality service and registration in the world, including offshore jurisdictions;
  • provision of accounting services, ranging from accounting and ending with the delivery of reports;
  • secretarial services for any type of company;
  • provision of services for the certification of documents;
  • registration of a registration and legal address;
  • preparation of all necessary documentation for the normal operation of a newly registered company;
  • provision of high quality nominee services;
  • assistance in obtaining certificates that will be valid in offshore zones;
  • obtaining licenses for the institution;
  • opening accounts and services for connecting to payment services;
  • providing a whole range of other services.

In the event that you wish to register and buy a shelf offshore company, then at this stage the organization Eternity Law International will provide you with the following documents:

  • a certificate responsible for registering a company;
  • minutes of the meeting;
  • company charter and memorandum of association;
  • register of members and directors;
  • declaration indicating the power of attorney to manage the company by another person;
  • certificates for the names of nominee shareholders;
  • registered and apostilled copies of documents;
  • documentary appointment of a certain person to the position of director of the company;
  • corporate print.

At the same time, when registering a company with Eternity Law International, it is necessary to pay in full for such services as:

  • registration agent work;
  • fees that must be paid at the stage of registration of the state sample;
  • service for a period of 1 year;
  • services related to the legal registration of a company;
  • courier services for the delivery of the necessary documents.
  • What are the advantages of ready-made companies in offshore jurisdictions?

Among the indisputable advantages of offshore ready-made companies that are offered by Eternity Law International, the following should be highlighted.

  1. A ready-made company differs in that it is ready for use immediately after purchase. There is already a collected package of documents that will only need to be sent. In the event that you need documents with an apostille, then you will have to wait a few more days.
  2. After purchasing a company, you can start your business immediately.
  3. A wide selection of ready-made offshore companies for acquisition with a variety of names.
  4. Affordable prices. The only place where the cost may differ is companies that are more than a few years old, as they have to pay additional annual fees for them.
  5. Depending on the needs of the client, you can always make changes, both in the composition of the company and in its activities.
  6. The legal status of such companies is more than just excellent.
  7. The company will have to pay an annual fee immediately at the time of acquisition.

Therefore, if you wish to acquire an offshore company or open a bank account in it, the specialists of Eternity Law International will always provide you with highly qualified assistance.

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