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Brokerage licenses and investments

August 14, 2020

Professional control over the assets of others, the maintenance of their investment accounts and the management of their funds in order to make the most of the available resources, requires a license that gives the right to manage the assets.

Moreover, most likely, you will need specialized help in obtaining it.

Today, free capital can be invested through intermediaries or by any person independently. If you resort to the help of intermediaries, this saves you the need to check personally the state of the securities market.

In addition, the concern about how effective certain investment decisions are is also passed on to the managers.

The license, which gives the right to manage assets, confirms that the licensee can conduct activities related to asset management for some time, of course, if all license conditions are met.

To get advice on obtaining such a license and to clarify for yourself all the questions regarding this procedure, you can resort to the services of specialists who are engaged in comprehensive support of projects for opening management firms and creating investment managers.

Broker license registration

Setting up a forex broker, dealing center or investment company requires obtaining a forex license, regardless of which country you want to start a business in. In order to obtain such a license, you first need to choose a jurisdiction, register a company in the territory of the selected state, and then open a bank account.

This whole procedure has many nuances that you may not even know about if you are not a narrowly focused specialist.

Therefore, we recommend that you contact the specialists working in the legal field and offering solutions for each individual client, taking into account the legislative framework, budget, residence and other features.

European brokerage licenses

If you want to start an activity as a European broker, you will need to obtain a license in one of the EU member states, but it will give you the right to work within all the powers of the union.

Now, specialists are cooperating with several government regulators that help in obtaining forex licenses: MFSA, IFSC, NFA and others.

By choosing experienced professionals as your allies, you will gain access to the EU brokerage markets and be sure that your license is a document drawn up in accordance with the proper quality standards.

Lawyers will help you choose the jurisdiction under which you will then be registered as a broker, will provide monthly support in the process of activity and offer turnkey projects.

The latter includes, among other things, calculating tax, obtaining a license, connecting a merchant account, creating all the strategies necessary for promoting and operating a brokerage website, and more.

Investment funds and crowd-funding

An investment fund is considered one of the flexible and effective economic instruments. It is created for massive collective investment in financial and non-financial assets.

As assets can be bonds, real estate, stocks and the like. There are many investment funds offering favorable conditions for potential investors.

Deciding which one to choose is very difficult. Experts will help you figure it out, because they have extensive experience in creating funds for investment in offshore and European jurisdictions.

If, on the contrary, you want to attract investments in your business, then use such a global trend as crowd-funding. Such a scheme is very beneficial, since you do not involve a bank in your activities that gives you a loan for the development of a startup.

Many crowd-funding platforms have already been developed, such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Moreover, you can also create your own platform, and then 3-5% of the funds invested by users in a startup will become yours.

Specialists will also help you in creating such a project.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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