Best countries for asset management

Best countries for asset management

Best countries for asset management in 2020.

The global economic downturn caused by the coronavirus has contributed to the fact that many asset owners began to hastily seek out the possibility of saving and protecting their money.

If you are considering the possibility of resorting to foreign funds management services, then you have many states at your disposal.

The experienced consultants of our company have compiled for you a list of the most interesting countries.

People with impressive wealth are offered the services of foreign banking organizations, account opening, trusts, funds.

In our country, such services can be not only risky enough, but also take a lot of client time.

With regard to the opening of such accounts abroad, this service may well give a much greater number of advantages, not to mention the quality of service.


This country is perfect for investment in trusts, funds. This picturesque island opens our list.

Cyprus is one of a number of “gates” to the European Union, where it is possible to engage in asset management in the European money market.

Banking organizations in Cyprus are well acquainted with the funds and trusts executed in offshore companies. Here, persons who are not residents of the state are not charged taxes on interest on investments in these banking institutions.

Communication here takes place in English, which, incidentally, is not official. However, it is very convenient to facilitate understanding between people.

In Cyprus, the smallest smallest contribution (in our list), which starts from 70 thousand euros. Clients have access to mobile and online banking of financial institutions.

If such a need arises, the Bank of Cyprus will issue you a MasterCard payment card. At your disposal there will be accounts for both one currency and several.

A personal visit to the bank will be necessary only after the approval of your account. This trip can be perceived as a great opportunity to get to rest in an amazing resort country.


The UAE is famous for its rich and protected economic position. This is a true financial center in North Africa and the Middle East.

It is there that the two most impressive world monetary values ​​are located: Abu Dhabi Global Market and Dubai International Financial Center.

Some services that are offered to customers in order to regulate investment include: purchase and storage of drags. metals, savings accounts, payment and credit cards with multicurrency support, funds, deposits and much more.

To open an account in the Emirates, you will need to come there on a personal visit. The whole procedure will take from 1 to 2 weeks.

With regard to communication, English is one of the government languages ​​of the country, which greatly simplifies understanding.

The smallest deposit is 100 thousand US dollars, in addition, they must be on the account as a balance. The costs for opening a bank account are small – only 1.5 thousand US dollars.

The stable, rich, protected and constantly growing economy of the Emirates makes this place almost ideal for maintaining and increasing its own assets.


State and economic stability makes this place popular for offshore banking procedures. Singapore is called one of the largest global financial centers.

Our company cooperates with certain financial institutions in Singapore, and each of them provides its clients with their own type of capital regulation with various qualifications.

The smallest deposit is from 150 to 200 thousand US dollars. You will spend from 7 to 14 days to open an account. The fee for opening a deposit is 1.5 thousand euros.

But mobile and online banking services are considered one of the most advanced in the world, they are also available to all clients of financial institutions.

You can open an account with multicurrency support in any of the banks with which our company cooperates.

In some circumstances, a visit may be necessary, and separate accounts are available only to entities that have an economic link to the region.

It can be own business in southeast Asia, labor activity, trade and so on.

If you are an American citizen, then your account is limited to only a few services. It is because of this that Singapore is not at the very top of our list.

However, even accepting these minor flaws, this country is still rightfully one of the best in terms of regulation and augmentation of funds.


Despite the political turmoil of last year, Hong Kong is a secure and comfortable place to store funds. This is where the most impressive financial center of Asia is located.

Banks in this administrative region of China provide an extensive range of investment services and insurance products without currency control.

Here is one of the most productive capital management due to its excellent security and comfort.

One of the government languages ​​spelled out English, so banking services are quite convenient. To open an account you will need a personal visit to a banking organization, but it will pay off handsomely.

Among other things, there is a possibility that after quitting quarantine, most banks in a given city will open accounts for investors from abroad remotely.

The minimum deposit is 1 million Hong Kong dollars or approximately 130 thousand US dollars. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to open an account. Costs for issuing an account – from 4 thousand euros.

Customers can issue various debit cards: multicurrency, in American or Hong Kong dollars.

This place has long been popular for opening offshore companies, due to a number of advantages of working with the rest of China and because of the variety of opportunities offered to non-residents.


This tiny country is great for asset conservation.

Banking has long been the basis for the economic development of this unique state, located between Germany, France and Belgium.

Due to the fact that the Grand Duchy adopted the model of the financial system from the Germans, customers who decide to store their own assets here receive security, stability and a huge range of financial services.

Due to the absence of any limits on the bank accounts of non-residents, Luxembourg is considered one of the most elementary, easy and convenient countries for managing funds.

For a long period of time, this state is doing everything possible to protect the rights of its investors.

For this reason, the Grand Duchy is a great place to manage funds that will not only be safe, but also earn dividends for your family.

Our company works with banking organizations of Luxembourg, which provide their own investors with accounts for subsidies and insurance, investment in drag. metals, trusts, funds and so on.

To the delight of many investors, when opening an account, you do not need to visit the country on a personal visit. The whole procedure will take from 14 to 28 days.

Here you can open accounts in pounds, US dollars, rubles, euros, Swiss francs. For the clientele, there are debit cards of various payment systems.


Banks located in this overseas territory of Great Britain are wonderfully suitable for long-term management of funds. Gibraltar is a center for commercial banking.

This is an excellent solution if you want to increase your own investments and gain access to high-quality banking services, including brokerage accounts.

We conduct joint activities with the bank, which is especially competent in the accumulative structures of family property, trusts, funds.

Due to pegging at face value to the pound, the currency of the area – the Gibraltar pound, is quite stable, as well as the country’s economy. The official language of Gibraltar is English.

The smallest amount of money to open an offshore account is 50 thousand euros. The whole procedure will take from 3 to 4 weeks. To open an account, you must personally arrive at the institution.

Bank cards are not available here, but it is possible to open accounts in Swiss francs, euros, pounds sterling, and US dollars. If your goal is long-term money management services, Gibraltar is one of the most profitable places.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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