Manufacturing in the USA for sale

Manufacturing in the USA for sale

A very profitable and profitable tape Manufacturing/Sales business project is up for sale. The company was founded over 40 years ago. The main activity of the company is the production and sale of masking tapes for further industrial use in production processes. These tapes will not contaminate the product and will not leave glue marks. They are mostly used during the finishing of any surfaces.

During its existence, the company was able to collect a solid and strong customer base, many of whom have repeatedly turned to the services of the company. During the pandemic, orders for the delivery of goods are also high. Its clients include federal government agencies, aircraft and aircraft manufacturing companies, the plumbing industry and many foreign businesses.

This business is not for those employees who rely only on customer satisfaction and the transfer of information from one consumer to another. In addition to interactive relationships with the customers themselves, you need to develop your own website and attend relevant conferences. All this will help to significantly increase sales and attract new partners. Therefore, a potential buyer is required to provide confirmation of the availability of the required amount of funds. In addition, you will need to pass a personal qualification from the seller.

The company occupies a leased area of ​​2,400 square feet. The company employs 3 FT employees and one PT representative.

Location: Las Vegas, the USA.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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