EMI licensed company

А brand new UK EMI company, including banking facilities, EU – passportable and FCA approved software may be delivered to a buyer within 35 days (buyer have to fulfil all FCA requirements).

It is one of the fastest way to obtain an EMI license of the EU.

EMI allows the following activities to provide:

  • Services enabling cash placement and withdrawals from/on a payment account
  • Execution of payment transactions via telecoms, IT system or network operator; covered/not covered by a credit line/ not covere
  • Issuing payment instruments or acquiring payment transactions
  • Money remittance
  • Issuing Electronic Money

This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a UK Electronic Money Institution for a very low price. The last sale of a UK EMI licensed company was at a cost of £5 million.

The price for this brand new EMI is £550,000.

In addition, a buyer will have to prove reserves of EUR 350,000 to the FCA as per EU wide requirements.

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