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Financial company for sale in New Zealand

March 29, 2023

An excellent investment opportunity – a financial company in New Zealand for sale.

This is a financial company with a registered office in New Zealand and a full market maker license in New Zealand and Australia. It offers Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading to retail and wholesale clients. The company has been operating for more than ten years holding a Derivative Issuer License and an Australian Financial Service License.

Financial company in New Zealand for sale: Investment Rationale

The company is based in Auckland, New Zealand and registered as a foreign company in Australia. It is perfect for a CFD provider who wants to secure a license in Australia or New Zealand. As an option, this offer may be also suitable for a business seeking complete derivative issuer licenses in these jurisdictions for additional uses. Throughout the past decade, the company has had active retail and wholesale CFD clients using the MT4 platform; all of these accounts are now closed.

The financial company in New Zealand for sale was set up to Straight Through Process (STP) or hedge all of its market exposure through a foreign firm incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. This entity may be also included in the package. The firm licenses, however, provide full market maker operation within the entity. The company has had liquidity provider accounts with key participants in the past that might be reactivated, and the trading flow can easily be diverted to any other entity.

For all prior fiscal years, the company successfully finished external financial audits and assurance audits. For the upcoming fiscal year, the company has a letter of engagement with an FMA/ASIC accredited auditor. The business is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Due to New Zealand’s strong international reputation, the company has considerable expansion prospects. New Zealand was ranked first in the Corruption Perception Index 2020 by Transparency International and seventh in the Rule of Law Index 2020 by The World Justice Project (out of 113 countries). As a result, customers from all around the world can apply for the services of the company on a highly reliable basis.

The Product

CFD trading enables customers to easily speculate on the financial markets. The service is offered through the trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The financial business in New Zealand for sale has agreements with IT service providers and with liquidity providers. These contracts can be amended to match the business demands because there are several simple ways to obtain white-label trading platform solutions externally.

The revenue comes from the difference between the spread offered to clients, the overnight swap rates charged to clients, and commissions from liquidity providers for transferring trading flow or operating a B-Book. The company is also permitted to issue other derivative product types under the licenses it holds, which may be utilized to offer further derivatives to clients in Australia or New Zealand.

Market Opportunity

The New Zealand Derivatives Issuer license application process is difficult to complete. From beginning to end, the process of getting a license from the FMA can take up to two years. It can take one to two years to complete the difficult and time-consuming process of obtaining a full market maker CFD license from ASIC. The fact that this business holds both licenses makes it an excellent opportunity for any company interested in beginning operations in one or both jurisdictions immediately.

The financial company in New Zealand for sale also has solid banking relationships with respected banks in both countries. The business also has an FSP license in South Africa, although it hasn’t been used. This license can be utilized for marketing or introduction. The company also owns a subsidiary company with UK registration that is used to acquire merchant facilities and PSPs which are included in this offer.

Overall, this business presents an excellent opportunity, allowing a buyer to benefit from the many advantages that owning a dual-licensed financial firm may bring.

A data room is available for qualified parties after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding.

Price & details:

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