Eternity Law International Forex brokers Bahamas license for sale

Bahamas license for sale

April 6, 2021

License type: securities dealer/market maker.

Established: 4+ years ago.

Licensed: 3+ years ago.

Head office location: Shanghai, China.

Banking Institution: the company has a local corporate account with several separate accounts.

Availability of MT4 or other systems: no.

Capital: 300 thousand $.

Current status of the company: the company is active, but not functioning. The history of the company is clean and does not contain any unresolved or open questions of a legal nature.

Permitted activities: the company has the official right to offer contracts for the difference in prices for goods, currencies, futures and shares to representatives of the wholesale and retail market. No leverage restrictions were introduced.

Company personnel: 2 shareholders and 2 directors, a compliance specialist who is a resident.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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