STP Forex Broker in South Africa

STP Forex Broker in South Africa

A new structure with no assets. The offered Forex broker in South Africa also has no restrictions regarding leverage (by its type).

It will take one to two weeks to change ownership. The offer also includes a derivatives license, which is required for CFDs.

The given Forex broker in South Africa operates through the following persons.

  1. Compliance specialist.
  2. Owner directly.
  3. Resident director.

Information regarding operating expenses for the annual period can be provided in accordance with the request of the interested investor

Mandatory components of the procedure: audit, preparation of MoU, transfer of company shares, conclusion and signing of a sales contract.

📲 Details and cost of the transaction:

Telegram @juliazhil

If you have the intention to start your own commercial way, you can see other ready companies and licenses for sale.

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