Cyprus, Mauritius and Belize Licensed Brokerage

Cyprus, Mauritius and Belize Licensed Brokerage

Professional Services License

  • License allowing to operate as an investment dealer in Mauritius
  • CySEC STP type license for Cypriot jurisdiction
  • Permission to carry out brokerage operations in Belize (the level can be increased)


  • The license allows you to act as an intermediary in transactions based on securities
  • Sell securities and act as a principal in such transactions


  • Provide exchange services if they are related to investment activities
  • Deal with the storage of facilities of the financial field, manage them, which includes various related services
  • Accept and transfer orders dealing with 1/1 + financial units

List of services is not limited to the above.


  • Provision of brokerage services and consultations regarding any financial direction

The level of each of the licenses can be downgraded or upgraded.

Key deal details

  1. Founded: 5+ years.
  2. Metaquotes MT4 license included.
  3. There are several active accounts in banking institutions (including in Singapore).
  4. The capital is paid up and in amount of $250 000.
  5. The company’s client base is clean, as is its legal history.
  6. The buyer can change the current office.

A potential buyer will be required to confirm the availability of the necessary funds. In addition, you will need to provide the KYC of a legal entity or owner who would like to acquire this company.

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