Stake of Chinese Company with AMC License for sale

Stake of Chinese Company with AMC License for sale

The firm was established in 2015 and, thanks to the approval of the PRC Banking Regulatory Commission, is recognized as a municipal company AMC, which deals with the sale and purchase of many non-performing assets of financial enterprises in 2016. Now the AMC license is a resource that is in short supply. The main activity of the firm is the purchase of non-performing assets and their management using various financial instruments and means. The purchase of assets takes place through auctions, liquidation, restructuring, etc.

The scope of the company is wide:

  • purchase of assets;
  • trust management of assets of financial and non-financial enterprises that do not work;
  • investment, management and sale of non-performing assets;
  • transformation of the creditor’s rights into equity capital;
  • investment, management and sale of equity assets;
  • foreign investment, purchase and sale of securities;
  • pledge of assets;
  • production of bonds;
  • transactions between banks, commercial financing from Finn. enterprises;
  • consultations;
  • appraisal of assets and projects;
  • administration of bankruptcy, guardianship and liquidation of fin. enterprises, etc., which are approved by the regulatory authorities.

The company’s shareholders plan to sell 66.67% of the shares.

In the mainland of the PRC, an AMC license is a guarantee of getting rid of assets that are not working. If one of the investors wants to start selling non-performing assets in China, pay attention to this point.

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