Mauritius Category 1 Global Business&Investment Dealer Company for sale

Mauritius Category 1 Global Business&Investment Dealer Company for sale

The company is registered in 2016 as First Category Global Business Company and has obtained an investment dealer license from the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

The investment license is of the penultimate level – Full Service Dealer (Excluding Underwriting). The Company is authorized to trade securities both on its own account and for its clients, including as a market maker. The Company is authorized to act as portfolio manager on behalf of its clients and to give investment advice to its clients. The only limitation of this type of license is that the Company cannot act as an underwriter, i.e. underwrite or distribute securities on behalf of an issuer or a holder. Therefore, the Company’s license is in effect analogous to full CySEC license of market maker level.

Company peculiarities

Company has successfully completed audit for the financial year ending 31 December 2020 and has submitted its financial statements to the Financial Services Commission.

This organization has a rented office in the center of Port Louis and two employees in Mauritius – MLRO and compliance officer. Both are employed under regular employment contracts in Mauritius.

Trading platform and CRM Company uses are licensed from Panda Technologies, a top-tier provider of technological solutions for FX/CFD business based in Israel. The contract with Panda Technologies is for 1 year and is renewable. This firm has an active 2 years’ subscription to World Check compliance database under the contract with its developer, Refinitiv.

The Company has active contracts with its external auditor (a local Mauritius firm) and company administrator/secretarial company, which is based in the same building. Two of the Company’s non-executive directors are provided directly by its secretarial company. One of those directors enjoys substantial connections with the FSC and the local banks, and his services can be used to facilitate the Company’s operations in Mauritius.

At the moment, the Company has a very small client base (it began accepting clients in summer 2020) and has been generally keeping a low profile on the market to build up its reputation and good standing with the regulator. As at today, the Company has had no complaints from its customers. Company has an active bank account in a non-Mauritius bank and is currently awaiting the resolution of its application for a bank account with a local Mauritian bank.

The Company has active contracts with two payment processing providers, including Texcent. Establishment has a full set of customer-facing documentation and internal policies and procedures, all of which had been submitted to the Financial Services Commission.

The seller is open for bargain and welcoming buyer’s counter offers.

The share capital is included in price.

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