Curacao Gambling License

Curacao is a jurisdiction in the south Caribbean Sea not far from the coast of Venezuela. It is part of a federation within the Netherlands. Its total area is 444 kilometers, and the population is 158,986 people.

Gambling licenses in Curacao have become popular in 1996, and since that time, the jurisdiction has been offering them being one of the first in the world to do that.

Online gaming is a legal activity in Curacao, provided the electronic gaming company is properly licensed (sublicensed). Online gaming legislation was first created in 1993 when the islands were under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands Antilles.


To obtain a license, one must provide the following documents:

  • The original certificate of no criminal records for each company owner (issued not earlier than three months before the application);
  • Notarized/certified copy(s) of passport(s);
  • Original letter of recommendation from the bank for all owners (issued not earlier than three months before the application);
  • Original or notarized/certified copies of utility bills (not older than three months before the application);
  • Description of the offered games;
  • Confirmation of the RNG application and its fairness (certified by the third party);
  • Geography/target market;
  • Owners must confirm that they have blocked access to services for children and provided the information about the problems with gambling and addiction on the website;
  • Availability of hosting with minimum requirements regarding the backup of the customer database and transactions in Curacao;

Our turnkey package for E-gaming business operators with a Curacao subLicense includes everything you need to get started your gambling business.


Our package includes everything you need to install and operate an online electronic gaming company with a Curacao subLicense.

In more detail:

  • Registration of the offshore holding company;
  • Registration of the operating company in the EU;
  • Obtaining Curacao E-Gaming subLicense;

A European Trading Company, in particular, can be used to:

– Provide services of any online gambling game worldwide, except for several jurisdictions in target markets such as the USA, Curacao, Cyprus, and some others.

– Conclude the contracts with merchant account suppliers, software suppliers, etc.; we will also be glad to help you with that.

– Open bank accounts anywhere around the world where such activity as e-gaming is accepted.

– Own intellectual property rights, such as domain names, URLs, etc.

– Carry out promotional activities for your own business and the other operator business (to reduce VAT in the countries with this tax).


Offshore Holding Company: Belize is an excellent choice for establishing an offshore holding company, due to its zero tax reporting status, no foreign exchange regulation, and one of the friendliest corporate legal environments in the world.

European Operating Company: Malta is the best choice for registering a company for international business activities, especially for eGaming or online gaming in European and Asian markets. Low-income tax status (effective tax rate of 5%), as well as a very friendly eGaming legal environment, allow you to conduct your business successfully.


E-Gaming Corporate Bank: We work with various secure and reliable offshore banks serving online gambling operators.

We will help to open Merchant Accounts for accepting Visa and Mastercard cards; we cooperate with more than 120 banks around the world and more than 30 merchant account operators to provide quality service to your customers and make payments more convenient.

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This offer includes everything described above, plus an annual data hosting service fee in Curacao for compliance (mandatory according to the local law of Curacao).

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