Shelf Companies and company formation in Liechtenstein in 2023

Shelf Companies and company formation in Liechtenstein in 2023

It has one of the best continental GDPs and excellent infrastructure, which favorably contributes to the development of the commercial sector. If you want to become the owner of a profitable structure that will start working for your income from the very first days, and enter a market that supports investments from foreigners, then a ready-made company in Liechtenstein is what you need.

Benefits offered by read-made Liechtenstein company with bank account

Plenty of investors intending to set up and register a commercial structure locally want to start their commercial journey by registering a firm from scratch. Nevertheless, a more optimal way in terms of saving money and time would be to acquire established projects.

Costly period of starting your own business is filling up your clients. Buying established Liechtenstein companies, entrepreneurs receive already established contracts with consumers. At the same time, excellent image and steadiness of jurisdiction also contribute in every way to commercial development and rapid growth.

Buy ready-made company in Liechtenstein

Foreign investors intending to come there become enterprise owners in several ways: from founding new entities to acquiring part of a successful franchise.

The local Company Law also provides for other options for company formation in Liechtenstein:

  • purchase of firms;
  • firm mergers;
  • owner-rights passing to another firm;
  • share acquisition.

Procedure for acquiring ready business in Liechtenstein

Key points to pay attention to are next-mentioned:

  • firm type;
  • target consumer of a potentially offered product or service;
  • the commercial direction in which the entrepreneur wants to develop.

To do this, it is necessary to create an accurate list of the main tasks and requirements. It is better to hire specially trained people to negotiate and develop all documents. Financial and sales reports need to be reviewed and evaluated, and a list of commitments and copies of contracts need to be created.

When buying Liechtenstein ready-made companies, it may be necessary to register a VAT payer, it all depends on the future turnover of funds. And EORI may be required to trade within Europe. Ready-made businesses are often sold by specific service providers and the new owner must sign a deed of ownership transfer. Next, you need to make changes to the Commercial Register in order to recognize the new owner.

Acquisition of ready-made firm Liechtenstein offers several excellences: main is a quick establishment. Additionally, this option completely eliminates possible errors when filling out and sending documentation, transferring an enterprise, and other points.

M&A in Liechtenstein

Acquisitions and mergers of commercial structures is the acquisition by firms of control over other enterprises. This process is quite complex in terms of the nuances of the legislative framework; special attention should be paid in particular to the provisions and norms outlined in Civil Code and Employment Laws; it determines how the transfer of a company will be carried out.

  1. A merger is a union of 2 firms under same name.
  2. Acquisition is a full-fledged integration of a company with the firm that acquires it.

In each case, numerous checks are carried out by the relevant authorities.

Ready-made shelf companies in Liechtenstein for sale

Foreigners who want to move there and earn a stable income can buy a company through shares. Experienced entrepreneurs can do everything through direct negotiations with shareholders or through international stock exchanges.

The economy of this jurisdiction is focused on export, and the shares of a mass of public enterprises are listed on international stock exchanges. Also, depending on the number of shares that are offered, an investor from any country has the right to become the majority firm’s shareholder. Among key reasons why you should invest in jurisdiction, you may highlight a small corporate tax – only 12.5%.

Our specialists have vast experience in creating and registering companies in this state. We’re also ready to offer you sale of ready-made companies in Liechtenstein and provide comprehensive professional support at all stages of the transaction. Contact us in any way convenient for you – our experience and knowledge are at your service.

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