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Marshall Islands Forex Company

June 8, 2023

Marshall Islands is commonly-chosen and progressive offshore offering favorable environment for doing business-activities, in particular for Forex projects. Just like in some other offshore zones, for example, in St. Vincent, in Marshalls there isn’t such regulatory concept as Forex licensing and licenses for this type of activity, respectively. This activity is not legally regulated at all.

Our company is ready to provide you with professional assistance in launching a Forex trading project in this country or in any other jurisdictions you choose. We work worldwide. Our specialists are also ready to provide you with comprehensive advice on issues related to Forex licensing, crypto-sphere, gambling structures and many other commercial industries.

Marshalls to trade as Forex: legal essence and advantages of jurisdiction

As we already indicated, at the legal level, Forex-activities aren’t regulated in any way within this country. Thus, in case of company establishment, it receives the status of an unregulated forex broker. Such companies mostly become excellent options for Forex startups because they don’t need to obtain special license to act as a Forex broker.

The main document allowing the company to work as a Forex broker is a legal opinion from a local licensed lawyer in Marshalls, who will make an opinion with references to local law on why the company does not need to obtain a special license for this type of activity. In this opinion, the lawyer explains why this type of activity does not require a license, making references to local legislation. When establishing a Forex-platform, obtaining an opinion from a lawyer is paid separately. Among the advantages of Marshalls for launching a Forex project for currency trading are the following.

  1. Low, even very small, cost of launching commercial activities.
  2. The procedure for establishing a company is very fast and does not take much time. Since there is no need to obtain the appropriate license permission, the period is reduced and takes up to one week, which is allotted for structure establishment itself, and additional time will be needed to obtain an LO.
  3. Easy process for establishing a firm. With our assistance, your commercial structure will be launched in the shortest possible time and with a simple set of actions.

Such a variant for launching a Forex project on Marshall Islands will be attractive and quite profitable for startups that do not yet have large or, to some extent, significant start-up capital.

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Marshall Islands forex license requirements

Forex-activity in this country is not regulated and not licensed, and also does not require the inclusion of specific provisions on the type of activity in the company’s Statute, and also, there are no restrictions on capital, shareholder structure, local office and personnel, reporting, etc. Since Forex licensing is not available within the jurisdiction and businessmen don’t need a permit to trade, there is only one requirement for future companies. It consists of collecting a package of documentation for firm establishment.

First you need to choose a name for the future Forex-company. In the name of the company, you can’t use the word Forex and similar names that directly indicate the type of activity of the company.

Our experts grant you comprehensive assistance in establishing a Forex-company in this space, taking on the most difficult moments associated with documents’ collection and preparation. We also have an extensive list of ready-to-sell licenses such as the FSP Forex Broker License in South Africa and other jurisdictions.

Procedure for obtaining a Forex license in Marshall Islands

As we mentioned earlier, the procedure for establishing a Forex-company for currency trading is quite simple and straightforward. With our assistance, you use minimal effort and resources. The whole process can be described as follows.

  1. At the first stage of our cooperation, client sends our specialists his/her documents for registering a company, and several options for a possible and desired name for a company.
  2. Next, we check the proposed names for their availability for official approval.
  3. Then, we fill in the necessary registration forms and send them to the client for signature.
  4. After passing the previous stages, we receive ready-made documents on company  registration.
  5. Next, we send them to the client. Initially, they will be sent as scanned copies, and then the originals will be sent to the client by courier.

In total, the procedure takes up to a week. After establishing the company, the owner will also need to order a legal opinion from a locally qualified lawyer, which will be provided by our company. The process of obtaining it also takes about a few days.  The package of documents that are required and must be provided by the company for establishment includes the following.

  1. Notarized copy of the passport with translation into English.
  2. Documentary confirmation of the address of residence and location of the person, also with translation into English.

The above documents are required for each of the persons holding a managerial position and appearing in the company. Our specialists are true professionals in their field and have vast experience in this field. Therefore, you and your company will be in good hands.

What is included in our services

Our company has been working in this field for many years and offers the following professional services.

  1. Firm registration.
  2. Providing a legal address
  3. Preparation of apostilled set of the company’s statutory documents.
  4. Preparation of a legal opinion, which is subject to separate payment.

Delivery of original documents is subject to a separate payment. In addition, it should be mentioned that company will need to be renewed every year, one day before the date when the organization was established. Cost of extension is 1,550 Euros.

Warning from FSA – Marshall Islands financial services market regulator

We would like to point out one particularly important point, which is also indicated in the legal opinion. It consists in the fact that the company after the establishment will not be considered a virtual asset service provider and will not be involved in crypto activities. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide a legal opinion in this jurisdiction, as it’s prohibited by law.

Taxes for Forex organizations in Marshall Islands

Marshalls are offshore in the classical sense, so income tax and corporate tax levy is 0%. All companies owned by non-residents do not pay any taxes and do not submit any reports. Only an annual fee of $100 is payable. In addition, there is also a separate requirement for independent bookkeeping.

How much does a Forex trading license in Marshall Islands cost?

Total cost of establishing a company in the Marshalls with the professional assistance of our specialists is 1675 euros. As already noted, the delivery of documents is paid separately and amounts to 100 euros. In addition, the formation of a legal opinion by a local lawyer is also paid separately, which amounts to 1,800 euros. Also, it is necessary to pay an annual renewal fee for the company, which becomes mandatory starting from the second year of the organization’s operation – the amount is 1,550 euros.

Our advantages

Our company – highly qualified specialists in the field of company establishment and licensing of structures operating in various commercial areas. We cooperate with hundreds of jurisdictions around the world and offer the most extensive range of corporate services. Our value proposition is to bring you our experience as the driving force behind your sustainable growth and our trust as the source of your sustainable success. In particular, among our pluses our clients appreciate the following.

  1. Our experts know how to carry out all types of registration of legal entities, even complicated ones in the presence of foreign investment, with a complex structure, the creation of securities and so on.
  2. We individually approach the customer’s situation and take into account all his needs and goals, adjusting the amount of our remuneration depending on his personal circumstances.
  3. Firm establishment is accompanied by advice on all issues: the choice of structure and form, tax recommendations, types of activities and other points.
  4. Many years of experience in this field and hundreds of successful cases and satisfied customers.
  5. Only the best experts in their industry, who have extensive professional knowledge and are familiar with nuances of licensing.

Turning to our company, you’ll be convinced you can register a legal entity with the help of our lawyers in the optimal time at affordable prices. We will ensure complete confidentiality and legal safety of your assets and reputation. Our managers calculate the optimal cost of starting a business and licensing, focusing their efforts on maximizing the budget of our clients.

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