Eternity Law International News Full Information You Should Know About Estonian Gambling Licensing

Full Information You Should Know About Estonian Gambling Licensing

July 7, 2022

This state opened its Penates to gaming industry in the mid-90s. To ensure fair play, the industry is governed by a set of specific basics and norms. First, a participant in market wanting possessing status of full-fledged participant needs getting Estonian gambling license – kind of official permit giving grounds for performing gamble activities. We will consider some of the main rules and aspects regarding such permission and its functioning within a given jurisdiction. You can also consider such an option as gaming license for sale.

Supervising Laws for Estonia Gambling Licenses

Gambling-related manipulations carried out on jurisdiction territory are subject for regulation by such regulatory enactments:

  • Estonia gambling laws;
  • Law controlling the payment of taxes within the industry;
  • GDPR – provisions on people’s data protecting;
  • Law against illegal circulation of funds and providing investments for terroristic operations;
  • Laws’ provisions on economical operations regulation;
  • Rules that prescribe process for providing info to be entered into virtual monitoring and accounting gambling providers’ systems; norms that prescribe process for connection control and accounting mechanisms to unified register of Taxes Department.

Gaming Ranks

Next mentioned gaming classes are allowed in Estonia.

  1. Games.

Results there depends on players’ luckiness and game conditions, cause they implements mechanical electronically working equipment for winning probability. Games may involve slots, tables, special platforms, etc. Gambling taxation demonstrates itself in following way:

  • games that players launch through slot machines, tax is about three hundred euros and additional net win 10%;
  • table ones – apx.1 300/table;
  • tourneys – 5% of charged from player for participation.

It’s all calculated considering game type.

  1. Lottereis

This category is divided into classic and brake ones. Their outcomes are subject to chance, there’re some rules for gain pool and players’ number that may be categorized as champions. Fund is set counting total cards circulation cost – final limit is 80% of cost. Winners are selected 3 times during the day or when lottery card blanks are fully open.

Taxation: 18% of sold tickets cost.

  1. Sweepstakes

Games based on circumstances not controlled by players or providers will. In particular, sports betting belongs to this category. Whether player wins or not depends on his/her assumptions about the game result would be correct or false. Prize is calculated grounded on bets number that have been made by players.

  1. Games on personal nature.

It requires people’s physical preparation, knowledge, or general abilities.

Estonia online gambling license tax: 31.95 EUR per each.

  1. Remote based developments.

Players take part in games on remote platform, through one or another gadget. The operator determines games’ outcomes through support mechanisms.

Gambling Activities: Licensing in Estonia

Enterprises intending to conquer gambling sphere send EMTA application in order to receive the following.

  1. 5-years licensed permit gives opportunity to run this direction.
  2. General permission to conduct activities: the document acts for 10 yrs, spreading on entire gaming area, except for lotteries.


It’s processed by Customs Department in 4 mths. Sometimes, this period covers 6 months. Nevertheless, the entrepreneur receives preliminary replication in the first 3 days from application is submitted.

EU doesn’t establish primary demands regarding structuring and internal organization of gambling. Therefore, permit issued in another state with membership EU can’t function in Estonia, and conversely.

Getting Online Gambling License in Estonia

Operator dealing with gaming world must fulfill following:

  • operator must deal only with this area – other directions of commercial operations are prohibited in complex;
  • enterprise should have permanent registration in Estonia;
  • mandatory compliance with GDPR/AML rules;
  • obligatory timely passage of an independent audit;
  • correct organizational scheme of enterprise as a mercantile unit.

Shareholders possessing 10% or more, senior heads and beneficiaries must be prepared to implement following points:

  • no criminal record;
  • these persons can’t initiate illegal mechanisms or those whose licenses have been revoked by normative acts;
  • absence of officially recognized responsibility for bankruptcy of another enterprise.

Min threshold for initial capital:

  • enterprises dealing with gambling – 1 million EUR;
  • PLC & lotteries – 1 million EUR;
  • 30 thnd – totes;
  • person’s ability based for LTD – 25 thousand EUR.

Documents Required when Applying

  1. Documents through which it is possible to identify organization owners and its heads.
  2. Papers confirming enterprise registration.
  3. Confirmation of firm address in legal.
  4. An extract released by banking establishment, determining presence of necessary assets.
  5. Details as for web-resource of gambling establishment, in particular, as for software used.
  6. Rights to a domain nomination.
  7. Commercial plan.

Applying for such permitting in Estonia is simple operation, however, it requires appropriate professional training: ability to understand jurisdiction laws, legal requirements and regulative grounds, etc. Want making it as easy as possible? Then ready gaming license in Estonia for sale is the best option that our specialists can offer. You can contact us at any time convenient for you.

Please contact us to get more information.

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