Curacao gaming license obtaining

Curacao gaming license obtaining

The little island of Curacao provides betting licenses to businesses operating there and is considered one of the top entities for such licensing. One benefit of Curacao online gaming license consists of the fact that the area was formerly a part of the Dutch Antilles and continues to enjoy special status as an independent Dutch territory. This means you may enjoy the privileges of the EU without paying the hefty taxes associated with Europe. So, in case you are attracted to the online betting business this site is one of the most appropriate ones.

Pros of Gaming license in Curacao

A businessman gains several advantages from a gaming license there:

  • A gambling license has been granted on the island since 2002.
  • On your site, there are minimum standards for software developers, allowing you to employ beta-tested slots.
  • The paperwork package is kept to a bare minimum, including information on beneficiaries, stockholders, and stockholders’ percentages of income, as well as surface-level data on the owners’ banking accounts.
  • In Curacao, game kinds are not separated into types or categories. As a result, you may accept a single gaming license Curacao for all game activities.
  • Nonnatives and regional businesspeople are given the most lenient conditions and fees when applying. Taxes are levied at 2% of net income rather than the entire amount.

Curacao gaming license list of nations

First off, some nations completely forbid internet gambling for their own residents.

Many other nations forbid citizens from entering international online betting sites, mostly to safeguard their domestic gaming providers. This list includes most of the EU countries and the US.

There are Curacao gaming license restricted countries that prevent residents from doing business with local businesses inside their own borders. Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Dominica and some others are included in this group. However, nothing prevents them from cooperating with online gambling providers established in Curacao.

For its own people, Curacao forbids access, and certain nations with whom Curacao has treaties have further limitations that forbid internet gaming. The US, the Netherlands, France, the Dutch West Indies, and Australia are among them.

How to get a Curacao gaming license

To acquire a betting license in Curacao, under the Department of Justice’s approval of the kind of operation, you can apply for a permit to accept bets in Curacao. This division is responsible for reviewing all requests for the launch of casinos, bookmakers, and lottery platforms. The time needed to review the package of papers might be shortened to 6–8 weeks if your website was registered in line with all local and international legislation.

It requires a bit less time to gather all of the required paperwork and convert the papers into the official tongue of the specialist committee.

Curacao gaming license cost

There are certain fundamental rules, even if the price of a Curacao permit might vary. Initial fees are between 20,000 and 25,000 euros, which is cheap in comparison to the cost of a game license in other countries. The permit may be less costly but taxes may be higher in other areas. Additional fees to take into account are as follows:

  • Expenses of enrollment
  • The application cost for the permission
  • The expense for a permission
  • Regional server and hosting space
  • The first-year management of the company
  • Services related to the request procedure, such as document submission and registration.

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