Eternity Law International News Blockchain Summit 2018 in Kyiv

Blockchain Summit 2018 in Kyiv

October 23, 2018

Eternity Law International, as a partner of the event, invites you to visit the third Blockchain Summit Kyiv 2018, which will be held on November 22, 2018 and will bring together more than 800 participants and 30 speakers from around the world.
The summit will be held from 10:00 to 18:00 in the UBI conference hall (Kiev, Dorogozhytska St., 8).

More details on the website:

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Blockchain Summit Kyiv 2018 is a major event in Ukraine dedicated to all aspects of blockchain implementation: learn about the opportunities and benefits of new technologies, cybersecurity, economic sharing and government regulation of a new type of assets.

During the whole day, more than 30 leading experts from all over the world will perform on the same stream and will be visited by more than 800 participants.

The conference will be devoted to discussing the possibilities of technology, exploring the prospects for the use of the blockchain and dive into the existing stage with the world’s leading experts in the field of blockchain, tokenomics, cryptography and technological integration.

It will also discuss the financial aspect of blockchain integration, the evolution of ICO, and the advantages and risks of transition to cryptography and the odds that are worth catching in 2019.

Leading experts and entrepreneurs of the industry will share their knowledge and experience in the field of trading, initial placement of coins and investing.

Among the speakers who confirmed their participation:

  • Mark Ginsburg – Businessman, expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Nikita Knysh – Co-founder
  • Artem Afyan – Managing partner “JUSCUTUM”
  • Peter Bel – Founder of Byzantium
  • Gleb Palienko – Head of Exonum, Bitfury Group
  • Dmitry Apanasenko – Tech Lead of Exonum Enterprise
  • Leonid Foyu-Khatskevich – Business analyst at
  • Alexander Fedotov – Olshansky and Partners
  • Alexander Gnatenko – ICO Expert, Independent Cryptanalyst
  • Igor Porokh – Independent analyst, trader, blogger, speaker
  • Stanislav Podyachev – Managing Partner, Blockchain Lab
  • Yuriy Derevyanko – Candidate for President of Ukraine
  • Andrey Tonkolitko – Managing Partner at Crypto Art
  • Yevhen Klyukin – NEM Kyiv Ambassador

Place and time:
November 22, 2018
10:00 – 18:00
Kiev, st. Dorogozhytska, 8 – UBI Conference Hall.
Afterparty – Restaurant “YAK on the wings”, ul. Degtyarevskaya 53-A

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