Provider of Cards of Debit-Type for sale

It is a leading provider of specialized white label programs and cards of debit-type. The company works with financial institutions and establishes partnerships around the globe. The firm offers a turnkey technology platform that gives a truly global and top-notch solution for people. The white label technology program enables consumers who collaborate with the company to launch their own prepaid card (and debit ones too) software, calling it their own brand. At the same time, such an operation will not require prior experience in relevant industry. The company promotes the brands of its clients, which helps to expand popularity of the brand, make higher credibility of brand and make clients more loyal.

In addition, the company is engaged in the issuance of global cards, opened in the currency of your state or market, which client aims to serve. The company offers optimal solutions for cryptocurrencies, gambling platforms, gaming services, PSP. Thus, the firm covers almost completely the entire segment of the business with high risks and of the usual type.

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