Oil&Gas Testing Company in Canada

This Oil&Gas Company is in great demand. The owners of the company are looking for such a buyer who would be ideally suited in accordance with all the parameters and who is ready to head the management of the company, as well as to continue to develop and expand the business. The business is well established and has an excellent reputation in Alberta. There, the company conducted production and occupational suitability tests for oil and gas supplied throughout Western Canada. The Oil&Gas Company has a client base of over 200 clients. In addition, strong partnerships are maintained with each of the consumers.

To confirm the above words, as well as to provide the new owner for use, there are all the necessary documents, including technical certificates. The company works with the latest advanced systems using updated operating machines as well as upgraded or new test equipment. The management and production personnel are well trained, have a decent level of professional knowledge, have many years of experience in the relevant field, and are constantly on the lookout for innovative improvements to the testing process that would help not to destroy quality control.

Asking price: on a request

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