Design&Construction Support for Civil Infrastructure Projects for sale 

Design&Construction Support for Civil Infrastructure Projects for sale 

This Design&Construction Support for Civil Infrastructure Projects refers to an engineering firm that has a good reputation in its region and a well-established base of satisfied customers. The company is registered and licensed to carry out professional activities in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, although it was originally registered in Seattle about 15 years ago. The services provided by this company include surveying, planning and design activities, assistance in issuing permits, services for the management of construction projects in the public and private sectors, and others. In addition, the company is engaged in various studies on the optimization of the cost of certain projects. A separate group of professionals takes part in such activities, which analyzes and studies different disciplines, which further helps them to create their own assessment based on the data obtained.

The company’s staff team consists of 11 people. They work in an office space with a total area of ​​1600 sq. feet. The team also includes the owner himself, who is also a project engineer, surveyors, CAD specialists, an office manager and some other employees. The assets of the company include equipment for geodesy, total stations, computers with high performance, many types of professional specialized software, and more.

The company has been working in its industry for a long time and during its operation has earned a very good reputation, which made it possible to acquire strong partnerships and gain access to large-scale projects.

Main business aspects:

  • The company was founded about 15 years ago.
  • Located in Seattle.
  • Serves the Washington and Alaska region.
  • Provides services in relation to construction companies, project planning, direct design, obtaining specialized permits, etc.
  • The client base includes firms in the fields of education, engineering services, design, and other large commercial firms.
  • Has DBE/SBE/MBE certificates.
  • Office space is rented.
  • If desired, the new owner is provided with training for 1-2 years.

Company assets that are included in the offer for sale:

  • equipment for geodesy, computers with high performance and power, tacheometers, equipment for scanning, various software;
  • cars;
  • intangible assets include a well-established loyal customer base, an excellent reputation and a strong position in the relevant industry.

Opportunities for business expansion and development:

  • Continuing work on establishing partnerships and client relationships in the region

In order to determine the purchase value of a business project, the company applied a cash flow estimation method. Cash flow refers to the amount of net profit from the activities of a business project and the benefits added to it from the owner, as well as short-term costs of any type.


  • Summary of business activities. Helps identify business-critical information and deliver it in an organized quick reference format.
  • Analysis of cash flows. This is the amount of net profit that the company’s activities bring directly, benefits from the owner in any form, short-term spending of any type.

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