Eternity Law International Forex brokers STP licensed broker in Cyprus for sale

STP licensed broker in Cyprus for sale

August 3, 2021

STP licensed company in Cyprus for sale is operating in the investment industry and subject to CySEC regulation.

Activities of Cyprus STP licensed company for sale:

• Acceptance and execution of orders that are left by customers.
• Transfer of orders for one or more financial field instruments.

Additional rank services

• Issuance of credit loans and loans for one or several instruments of the financial field provided that the company issuing such a loan takes part in the operation.
• Exchange services, however, only on condition that they are relevant to the investment industry.
• Services for the storage of instruments of the financial field and the implementation of their management, including the corresponding related services and storage.
• Conducting research in the investment industry and performing financial analysis.
• Other forms of activity related to investment.

Staff: 4 people, of which two are in the position of director.
Bank accounts: Hellenic Bank, Bank of Cyprus.
Availability of working platforms: Match Trader.
Engaging Match Trade CRM.
Availability of an active liquidity provider: CIF.
CIF fines have never been applied to the company.
All reporting obligations are up to date.
The minimum amount for capital is 140 thousand euros.

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