Licensed company in Belize for sale

Licensed company in Belize for sale

Licensed permission: Brokerage license (H)

Established: 5+ years.

License obtained: 2016.

The HQ is located in Belize.

Institution for banking account: Asia.

There is no availability of MT4 or other systems.

Capital required: $ 100K.

Status of the company: now the company is not in operation, but is ready to work. The organization has a clean history and is not involved in any open or unsolved legal issues.

Types of commercial activities permitted to carry out:

  • Transactions of cash amounts
  • Processing of payments
  • Operations with trading of financial derivatives and commodities, such as, securities, interest rates, options, futures, stocks and so on.
  • Operations with trading foreign currencies
  • Provision of consulting services in any of the above-mentioned financial directions, and provision of brokerage services.

Employee’s team: 1 shareholder and director with non-resident status.

There is a possibility of upgrading to a full license. Capital required: 500 thousand dollars.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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