CySEC STP License in Cyprus for sale

CySEC STP License in Cyprus for sale

The CIF is approved by CySEC to offer the accompanying authorizations:

• Foreign trade activities where these are associated with the arrangement of investment instruments
• Organization of monetary instruments, including custodianship and related administrations
• Execution of orders in the interest of customers
• Acceptance and conveying of orders due to one and more instruments of finances

Detailed information

1. The firm was authorized in 2017;
2. The CIF keeps up the ledgers with a Bank of Cyprus (customer accounts), and another Singaporean account;
3. Utilitarian working frameworks (CRM and Affiliate framework);
4. The company has 1 chief, 2 non-leader chiefs, 2 extra representatives and 1 consistence official;
5. Brilliant office in Cyprus;
6. There is a spotless customer record, no open or uncertain legitimate issues.
7. STP license could be upgraded up to MM license.

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