Nuances of Forex License Getting

Nuances of Forex License Getting

Get a Forex license: what are main points

Surely lately, you have been reading, studying and absorbing various information about investments and the stock market. Finally, we decided to open an account to try our hand at practice. Moreover, that means it’s time to talk about brokers. If you are a new FOREX broker, you need getting special permission. This is one of the most important things to start growing your business, as most companies prefer to work with licensed organizations for quality and safety reasons.

Do you need a license to trade Forex?

Getting such a prestigious status, you need to meet certain legal norms. Brokers can be banks, investment and brokerage enterprises. Some securities aren’t traded on the stock market. They can only be bought through a registrar, a professional market participant who maintains securities holders register. They collect, store and transmit information about the owners of registered actives on the basis of an agreement with the issuer.

Having a Forex license, the licensee is required to comply with many rules, but we note that the receipt of this permission by organization will greatly affect its achievement, profitability and formation of a cost-effective image.

Types of licensing of FOREX brokers

When intending establishing FOREX brokerage business, it’s essential to think about where to place the company. Physical location isn’t necessarily the place where the firm is registered. The previous one will include not only the payment of taxes, but also the salaries of employees and rent.

Difficulties may also arise during registration. The reason for this is that the broker acts as a tax agent – it calculates and withholds income tax for you from your profits from transactions and dividends and transfers funds to the budget. If you have several accounts for one broker, then taxes’ll be calculated for all in complex, and not for each account separately. In addition, opening a new bank account as well as a trading account for a licensed Forex trader will become much easier. Moreover, you can expect not only better deals, but also lower commission fees, since starting there is less risky.

Nevertheless, to get Forex trader license there, you will need a lot of capital, which makes such a decision almost impossible. For many newly emerging brokers, permissions that have previously proven themselves great for average budget, which are currently popular, may be a good option.

Common areas for Forex trading license 

  1. Cyprus (CySEC).

It is preferred by FX brokers due to the fact that the country is located in EU. Companies may cooperate with all countries of the European Union. Moreover, with low taxes, as well as a dynamically developing market of various types of sectors and qualifications, this jurisdiction is globally known as best place to start working with Forex.

  1. MFSA Malta is also a frequent choice.

Malta is a good place to start an FX business. Starting capital is minimal.

  1. Hong Kong (FSC) – suitable for organizations with small capital, and has good conditions for doing business.

States ordinarily have loyal demands for initial capital, as well as more simplified obligations. Therefore, many Forex brokers choose this path. Although it is considered not so prestigious, but in the future this may affect the difficulty of attracting top-notch traders. Getting path to offshore FOREX License is perfect in terms of taxation.

  1. Forex licenses will be popular in Seychelles: application fee is only 200 dollars, and the annual license fee is about one thousand dollars.
  2. If we talk about Mauritanian system, min requirements for initial capital are 20+ thousand dollars.

Some budget ways also are New Zealand (FSP) and Vanuatu (FSC). Here, the costs are minimal; the method of controlling operations is quite “tranquil”.

Easier option

Ready Forex license – great variant for starting a brokerage structure, without significant financial expenses and hardships with bringing the company to the market or paperwork. It is also more economical and efficient than trying to do the whole process personally.

Eternity offers a full range of tools that are needed at the initial stages of doing business. The company’s specialists also take responsibility for all legal points and process of obtaining a license. Our team will create an excellent marketing plan for you and accompany you at all stages of Forex licensing.

Please contact us to get more information.

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