Eternity Law International News Company Formation and Incorporation Options in Brazil in 2023

Company Formation and Incorporation Options in Brazil in 2023

November 4, 2022

This jurisdiction is quite popular and has a reputation as a reliable commercial platform among foreign businesspersons. To register a business in Brazil is a rather laborious process in terms of accounting for and compliance with certain rules prescribed by the local regulator and set by government agencies. However, the establishment of enterprise in this country in the future gives open access to the Latin American market, where there are many opportunities for a commercial plan.

When an exclusively short-term or limited operation is planned in a South American country, hiring workers through a special Brazilian employers’ organization (PEO) can be considered. Such a firm has the right to employ specialists on behalf of the customer, making it easier to enter the market, at least due to the fact that it saves time searching for the right qualified workers. This makes it possible to avoid the obligation to register a new enterprise there.

Register company in Brazil: features local market in general

The state has a powerful economy, the eighth largest in the world. In 2022, the state’s GDP was $1.84 trillion with a GNI of $9,130. Thus, Brazil has become one of the fastest growing countries with an upper-middle income by world standards.

This jurisdiction is one of the founders of the Common Market of South America and the regional initiative society for economical integration. Brazil’s population is 211 million; it has a variety of natural resources, and a mass of unsaturated domestic markets. This is a beautiful country with opportunities, which is very attractive to investors from all over the world intending to get ready-made companies in Brazil.

Jurisdiction is main space for launching any project in this region, and global ranking of profits recipients, it ranks fourth. Among the country’s main export commodities are coffee, ores and slags, soybeans and timber. Some of the main export destinations are Argentina, Chile, China, Netherlands and USA. Thus, company registration in Brazil provides chances to possess a solid ground for realization of different commercials.

Key points regarding company formation in Brazil

It’s mandatory to take into consideration at least two main points to pass registration of company in Brazil.

  1. Under local law, it is mandatory to appoint representatives who have rights to present enterprises to government, clients and investors. They must be local citizens or a person with a visa permit who lives in the country on a permanent basis. A reasonable decision would be to hire a person who knows the rights and laws of the state, accounting and has experience in local market.
  2. Every official document being issued outside country needs to be legalized with help of a notary in Brazil. Importantly, official translation of documentation is often also required. Representative may give you advice on what steps you need to take to draw up and officially certify all documents. From this point of view, a shelf company in Brazil could be a great option.

Setting up a company in Brazil: whole procedure

To establish enterprise in Brazil, you may use 7-step rule.

  1. Obtaining a Brazilian TIN. Prior to organization foundation in this jurisdiction, at least 2 shareholders must become owners of a TIN – CNPJ for companies and CPF for individuals.
  2. Search and appointment of representatives. Such a person is required to be able to carry out transactions on your behalf. It’s obligatory to draw up and certify special power for him/her.
  3. Creation of Statute. To register organization, you and your representative must create firm’s Statute. It contains data on company’s structure and nature of its activities, as well as data on internal procedures.
  4. Charter registration. Once a company’s articles of association have been created, they must be certified by the local Board of Trade and other legal entities.
  5. Opening bank account in Brazil. When commercial structure is registered with local governing bodies, you might open banking account. Considering firm’s location or type of activity, the representative advises which institution is best to open a corporate account.
  6. Approval of authorized capital. Once enterprise has banking account, its capital might be registered with National Bank.
  7. Organization is registered once all the previous steps have been completed. To complete the process, an initial deposit must be placed on the company’s account. If you choose shelf company/turnkey solutions for Brazil you don’t need this point.

Our company’s team of specialists help purchasing ready-made company with bank account in Brazil without unnecessary problems in order to enter the market profitably and efficiently. Our experts are also ready to provide you with professional advice on any issues that you may have in the process of getting shelf-company in Brazil. We have prepared for you an extensive list of ready-made companies for sale – profitable and fully organized turnkey solutions for further operation.

Please contact us to get more information.

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