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Transfer of Equity in Chinese Bank for sale

April 15, 2021

The bank was established in 1999 and is considered a joint stock commercial bank of an independent legal entity. The Bank has recently ranked among the top 100 largest enterprises in the province where it is located. In addition, the Bank is included in the thousands of the world’s largest banks, and for the last 4 years it is also included in the list of the five hundred largest enterprises in the field of services in China. In addition, it has been listed as one of the hundreds of the province’s largest local and national tax businesses.

The main areas of the bank’s activities are the following:

  • opening of deposits by the population;
  • issuance of short-, medium- and long-term loans;
  • implementation of domestic and foreign payments;
  • acceptance and accounting of bills;
  • issuance of financial bonds;
  • work on the issue, issuance and underwriting of bonds from the state;
  • purchase and sale of state and financial bonds;
  • interbank lending;
  • purchase and sale of currency;
  • provision of accreditation and guarantees;
  • acting as an insurance agent;
  • service of providing a safe deposit box.

The bank also provides other services that are approved by the regulatory body under the State Council.

Now the jurisdiction has more than 10 branches in its administrative area, about 165 branches (43 of which are local), and more than 2.9 thousand employees. The bank also took the initiative to create bank branches in villages, as well as a leasing financial company. The holding has 4 subsidiaries.

In 2020, the optimization of the org. structure and restructuring of the head office department into retail, public, financial markets, digital banking, risk control and other 5 important business sectors. The previously existing 24 departments have been reduced to 21. The bank has formed a service network that spans the entire province, as well as a relatively solid product system.

It is a large bank that is not listed on the stock exchange. In the future, it is expected to go public.

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