PSP in Dubai for sale

PSP in Dubai for sale

The payment field service provider offers customers special online services through which they can accept electronic payments through various methods, including credit cards.

As a rule, this structure is provided as a SaaS model – software as a service, and creates one payment gateway for consumers (in this role is the seller), capable of accepting multiple payment methods.

How payment gateways work

  1. The client needs to enter the information required to make a payment. After that, the order is sent for processing.
  2. The payment gateway redirects the request to the institution that has the credit card on its balance.
  3. The credit company confirms the payment capacity of the card and the availability of sufficient funds on it for payment.
  4. The payment gateway redirects funds to the merchant.


According to Statista, the overall increase in Africa and the Middle East will be an average of 11% over the next four years, that is, between 2018 and 2022.

Opportunities offered by online payment

About 56% of shoppers in the Middle East regions use mobile gadgets to shop online, while 52% of them are guided by reviews posted on social networks when making purchases.

Specialists report that about 80% of all e-commerce transactions conducted in the Middle East regions were carried out via cash on delivery. In the UAE, which again became an exception, about 60% of such transactions were carried out via credit cards.

Our work strategy

  • Easy integration, maintenance and one-stop shop
  • Competitive pricing policy
  • The best and highest quality technology

Methods and tools to prevent risk and fraudulent transactions

  • Tracking transactions in real time through special intelligent systems
  • Advanced KYC technologies, which provides constant control over the directors of the company
  • Systems of 3-D-security. All transactions go through 3-D Secure and are verified by them.

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