Crypto exchange for sale

We bring for your attention a crypto exchange for sale. Cold and hot cryptocurrency wallets with user balances, software, domain, databases, access to the server side, office equipment and computer equipment that is necessary to ensure the proper work of staff, lease rights for office space with all equipment. The work of the staff in the usual mode (about 80 people) is fully ensured and supported, with the exception of turnover. The platform can be managed under the guidance of a new manager during the transition period. A training course for managers is possible. In addition, the companies that are to be administered by the platform and subsidiary companies located in Hong Kong, Estonia, Seychelles, BVI will be transferred. It is recommended to create new relevant companies, that is, a completely new structure, in the process of transfer, and we are ready to provide you with comprehensive support in this.

For sale crypto exchange in Estonia

This Estonian crypto exchange for sale has no debt obligations. The companies that administer the firm are not regulated.

The platform team remains after the sale. Security and financial functions will be transferred to the new owners. The new owner will be able to work with the existing team and increase the number of staff, or replace employees if necessary. This will depend on the development strategy that will be applied in the future.

The owner focused on the b2b segment. If the new owner is more focused on the b2c segment, then the team will also have to undergo some transformations.

The crypto exchange for sale in Estonia has bank accounts with Bilderlings, Bankera.

The platform is administered and developed in one office.

The purpose of sale is to obtain additional resources for the development of a new project.

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