Mauritius FSC License for sale

Mauritius FSC License for sale

Activities permitted under Investment Dealer license

Mauritius Investment Dealer license for sale assumes the role of intermediary in transactions involving securities for clients who trade in securities as principals in order to resell securities to the public. An investment dealer-broker license grants its holder the right to fulfill orders received from clients, manage a consumer portfolio, and advise clients on securities transactions.

Taxation of  Mauritius FSC Investment Dealer License

GBC 1 can benefit from a notional tax credit whereby at the end it will have to pay the most effective rate for tax levy equal to 3% of trading profits.

There is no capital gains tax, nor is there any tax on dividends, royalties and interest paid by GBC 1. Anything previously listed is also exempt from income tax.

Once GBC 1 qualifies as a tax resident in Mauritius, it will begin to benefit from some tax treaties.

Aspects of FSC license in Mauritius 

  • Registration of license in Mauritius: 2020, December.
  • License validity: 2020, December.
  • Optionally, you can get a license for the main MT4 tag.
  • The minimum amount of the unimpaired declared capital must be MUR 1,000,000 in any period or the equivalent amount in another currency. In addition, the licensee needs to have professional liability coverage, the amount of which depends on the risk associated with the line of business and the volume of the business.
  • Clean customer base and no unresolved or open legal issues.
  • The current office can be transferred.

You must provide any confirmation of the availability of the appropriate funds and KYC.

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