Eternity Law International Ready made fintech company with own SWIFT for sale in Namibia

Ready made fintech company with own SWIFT for sale in Namibia

January 22, 2021

Ready made fintech company with own SWIFT for sale in Namibia

This is a great offer for entrepreneurs looking to start their own banking business. The new owner will be able to open an account for he/her clients at the very initial stage in just a few minutes. Each account brings good profit. The client base is predicted to be quite large.

Namibia is an excellent jurisdiction for this type of project as it has different advantages. For example, such offer includes a license, a SWIFT BIC code, and system, a system for online banking and a correspondent account. Their obtaining is complicated as a rule and usually takes up to two years.

Main portfolio of the company for sale:

  • Company for sale with financial license registered in 2019.
  • The Trust license was issued in 2019.
  • The company has a license allowing money operations (money exchange, money remittance, opening of online accounts etc.)
  • Banking license is in process of obtaining, will be approved in 2 months.
  • The SWIFT BIC code was received and published. The SWIFT system is already active and can be operated in real time.
  • The company has several accounts that are opened in South Africa. Accounts currencies: pounds, euros, dollars.
  • Fully developed and ready-to-use virtual system for Online Banking services (supported and updated every quarter).
  • Own software. Client-oriented interface and backend.
  • Commercial website with a unique design. The domain will be configured under buyer`s name.
  • Issuance of branded cards through the service of a UK supplier.
  • Within a month, membership in the Mastercard association can be obtained in order to issue cards.
  • Patriot Act and FATCA.
  • Office in Windchuk can be easily relocated.
  • Sole owner, director and shareholder is a same person.
  • The share capital is 10’000 USD, not paid. The Banking license upgrade requires EUR 500’000 additional contribution.
  • Non-operational company.
  • Debts, liabilities: none.
  • Operating costs per month are about 1 thousand euros.
  • Zero tax rate.

Price of the company for sale: on a request.

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