Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange for sale

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange for sale

Professionals operating in the high-yield trading industry since 2013 opened the exchange in 2018.

Now, 12 thousand users are registered on the exchange, and the daily trading turnover is 200-500 thousand. The platform is autonomous in its work. The company does not hire employees, but only has founders.


On the technical side, the exchange processes are going very well, however, the owners currently running this business do not have sufficient marketing skills, therefore, it is not possible to attract the right customers, whereby it is impossible to unleash the full potential that the platform has.

  • Stable infrastructure, neat API.
  • Available leverage up to 200x.
  • The latency rate is one of the lowest on the market – 5ms round trip.
  • White Label is available.
  • There is a possibility of joint placement.
  • Gamification at the mechanical level. Every day and every week, tournaments are held in which a large BTC prize is drawn.

Platform features

  • Reliable structure with clear and simple API, new patented technologies and stable latency.
  • The platform runs on a fast matching engine that uses a highly optimized risk module and has a 5ms user latency back and forth.
  • Risk control system. The platform revaluates positions every time the user changes the price or performs an action. Engaging a pre-sales approach. Reliable protocol for elimination.
  • The index is anchored through index-based completion. Any position can be closed with a payout of 2.5% at the current index price.
  • Possibility of joint placement. This option is available to everyone who has made a deposit of 1 BTC and is charged in case of a DDOS attempt.
  • Easy process of depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • 99% secure: cold storage with multiple signatures.

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