• the company have not start any business yet, only registered for future sale of 100% of the company with license.
  • date of registration: 2013,
  • registered capital: RMB 20 millions, Sale: RMB 2 Billions. ask Goldman Sachs, how difficult it is to get a license to operate in the China, and you’ll know the value of it. it is not always available on the table.

Citic Securities operate the largest futures company in china.  any financial institutions and brokerage firms interested, have to show proof of fund, move the fund out and locked up for purchase purpose. they have to appoint me as their legal and authorized representative to act for them.

With power of attorney notorized, to sign the initial Intention To Purchase Agreement for 100% of the company, with the seller’s representative.

If you say cannot, stay away please. all within the laws applied, no undertable deal allowed. as this is a sensitive business deal.

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