The Role of MLRO

The Role of MLRO

The MLRO – is a professional who manages the AML and regulative compliance-associated duties applying a risk-grounded approach. Let’s figure out what is the role of MLRO and why it is highly essential to appoint such professionals in businesses dealing with finances.

Role of MLRO in the financial business

The MLRO is in charge of the company’s AML law compliance. The position of such an employee bears substantial liability: such a professional must obtain constant access to their company’s records of monetary affairs to guarantee that no unusual actions are made and must undertake quick and reasonable measures about the illegal circulation of funds and funding of terroristic organizations.

In larger entities, MLROs shouldn’t be engaged in day-to-day business activities regarding payments. Instead, they should conduct separate audits and should have the ability for setting direct connections with individuals and teams that are responsible for making the primary decisions within a company.

The main duties of an MLRΟ encompass such activities as:

  • Effecting a set of internal regulations within a company to comply with laws and to uphold the business’ reputation and making amendments to it when necessary,
  • Estimation of the business sector’s ML/TF risks as well as the ongoing situation in the country in terms of ML/TF crimes;
  • Ensuring adherence with AML/CFT and KYC obligations and drawing up internal regulations for the entity;
  • Regularly reporting on concerns to upper management;
  • Ensuring that customer profiles are checked regularly to identify unusual activities and payment operations.

Other duties include cooperation with directors to effect the common regulations, communicating to and helping regulative authorities in conducting their audits, ensuring that the staff received regular AML/KYC training; and guaranteeing the prompt provision of SARs to the regulative bodies.

An MLRΟ also is in charge of the support of the cοmpliance infrastructure, which can encompass AML/CTF training to staff and directors as well.

Key Takeaways

The MLRΟ’s activities may entail subjecting a regulated party to potential liability in an enforcement action in the case of any infringements found. They assume substantial responsibility in their entity: in case of AML crime where such a company is engaged in any manner, a company’s MLRO may face a number of penalties and sanctions. Since this is such a crucial post within a company, directors of the institution must comprehensively understand the role.

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