Features and Benefits of Different Payment System Types

Features and Benefits of Different Payment System Types

Conventional banking institutions set many conditions that must be followed by those seeking to cooperate with a particular bank. As a rule, clients spend a huge amount of time to meet all the requirements set by the bank. This became one of the reasons for the emergence of virtual systems for payments – a profitable alternative to standard mechanisms. Global network trading is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of online stores offer services to users, and each of them needs to organize payments properly. Below we will talk about the specifics and benefits of usage certain payment systems types.

The process of connecting a payment system to a business is not so easy and can become an obstacle on the way to successfully distributing your company’s services. A company with a ready payment system for sale is an opportunity to concentrate all your efforts on business development. Eternity Law company brings to your attention many offers for the sale of firms with active and ready-to-use payment systems. Our experts will help you choose the best option and will comprehensively advise you.

Concept and essence of payment systems work

Payment system is a company with license that gives the right providing financial field services; in particular, you may make virtual payments with their help. One of main advantages of such systems is that they significantly speed up transactions. Transferring funds through a banking institution can take from 1 to 4 days. Due to the fact that payment systems use modern technologies, operations are carried out instantly.

Business owners are especially interested in ready payment systems and their active implementation, since online settlements, made possible precisely by payment systems usage, are integral part of the globalization of goods and services. For buyers, this is a way to pay for services and goods quickly and effortlessly.

Main payment systems types

If you want to buy a company with payment system, you should know that they are divided into certain types, based on some characteristics. Based on financing instruments, financial industry experts have identified several groups.

  • Virtual systems that work with digital money. This type is popular among those users who work on an online domain, and among customers of online stores using accounts in foreign or local banking institutions;
  • Using smart cards, for each of which an account must be created. The owner of such a card can carry out legal online transactions, in particular, money transfers, etc.

Based on the nature of transactions, two categories can be distinguished:

  • used for intercompany settlements intended to carry out transactions between organizations (cash and non-cash);
  • banking-type systems for credit institutions.

The simplest classification is the division into international and domestic. The former are structures operating around the world, such as Mastercard or Visa. Internal ones function within one country and are created in order to provide settlements at state level. In addition, there are private payment systems without involving the state budget.

PSP and EMI: concept and main difference

EMI is authorized to carry out activities for the issuance of electronic coins, as well as to ensure the execution of any transactions with them.

PSP is a financial market participant and operates under Digital Currencies and Payment Services Act provisions. Such firms are entitled to make payments on terms prescribed by their licensing and registration provisions. Payment institution must grant financial intermediation for people wishing to perform a particular payment. We may say these organizations are a channel of funds that they do not own.

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