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Business in Poland for foreigners

November 9, 2022

Investing in Poland is quite profitable for entrepreneurs, as it is one of the most suitable places for business development in Central Europe. From the point of view of the flexibility of the legal framework regarding emigration and tax incentives in European countries, Poland is becoming an excellent place where investors, entrepreneurs and business owners can find a suitable “vein” for themselves. Business in Poland for foreigners has a full-fledged economic potential, which is necessary for the development and expansion of any type of commercial activity, both in the form of low corporate taxes on income, and under immigration law for workers outside the EU.

Firms that have a net profit of less than 2 million euros per year are considered small businesses in Poland, so they can pay only 9% of CIT. This is one of the lowest taxes for operating business in the EU countries, if we take into account that the usual tax on income here is 19%, and in OECD countries in Europe – 21.7%.

Compared to other states of the European Union, Poland also has flexible laws regarding immigration, which makes it quite easy to obtain work permits for people from other states.

If these advantages of doing business suit you, then our company will be happy to help you achieve your goals and develop your business not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the European Union.

Benefits of running business for foreigners in Poland

  1. Regular CIT is 19%, compared to other OECD countries in the EU where the average tax is 21.7%.
  2. 9% income tax for small companies whose annual profit is less than 2 million euros.
  3. Zero CIT for 4.5 years, if net income remains in a company with at least 3 employees, and the company’s shares are owned by individuals. face.
  4. Simple immigration laws, in comparison with other EU countries, make it easier for foreign citizens to formalize employment.
  5. Favorable location in the center of Europe, where the main trade directions intersect.
  6. Excellent infrastructure with direct freight trains to China.

Starting and running a business by a foreigner in Poland

  1. Ease of communication. First of all, you get a guarantee that it is not necessary to know the Polish language in order to manage your business in this country.
  2. High-quality commercial expertise. Local experts know what investors from other countries or people doing business in Poland require.
  3. The perfect solution to any problem. If desired, an entrepreneur can open a new company or buy an existing company.
  4. Tax and licensing support. Opening a company in a foreign country can be quite costly if you don’t know the tax authorities, VAT rules and regulations. Our consultants will help you deal with tax policy and VAT registration, as well as obtain a license and properly formalize your future company or an existing business.

Our specialists are experts in doing business in Poland and will help you create a sustainable project, strengthen your position in the global market and develop day by day. We take into account all the needs of customers, help to save money and draw the right conclusions about a particular problem. It may be difficult for the client, as a person from another country, to use all the resources of Poland that are required for the development of the enterprise. Our staff will act as excellent business partners, handling all administrative matters while you are focused on business.

Please contact us to get more information.

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